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Academic Quality and Standards

University Student Survey Policy


To ensure a strategic and coordinated approach to quality assurance survey activities with students at Monash University.

Supporting Research and Analysis

When Education Committee approved a university survey framework in December 2008, members expressed concern at the number of surveys taking place in the university, resulting in potential survey fatigue and adverse effects on the university's core surveys. This policy aims to address this issue by requiring oversight and reporting of quality assurance survey activities in the university.

Note that while quality assurance and research activities lie on a continuum, the Monash University Human Research Ethics Committee (MUHREC) has adopted the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) position that most quality assurance activities do not require ethical clearance, and hence have adopted the principle that university surveys evaluating a service, investigative project or technique do not require review by MUHREC. If in doubt, prospective survey administrators should consult the MUHREC Executive Officer (


All faculties, divisions and student associations.
All currently enrolled students and graduates.
Permission is not required for ad hoc surveys carried out at the unit level.
Permission is not required for ad hoc surveys of graduates carried out as part of course reviews.

Policy Statement

The university considers the views of students and graduates to be of critical importance in monitoring, reviewing and improving its teaching, research and associated support services. Surveys can constitute a valuable means of obtaining information about stakeholder viewpoints to support quality assurance and improvement.

To minimize the risk of over-surveying, and to ensure that the university's core surveys remain a priority to students, the administration of non-core surveys requires the approval of the Provost and Senior Vice-President following endorsement of the Dean or Divisional Director.

A University Survey Register will be maintained by University Planning and Statistics so that proposed surveys can be aligned with the topics and timelines of other surveys.

Supporting procedures

University Student Survey Procedures

Supporting guidelines

Responsibility for implementation

Provost and Senior Vice-President
Campus Pro Vice-Chancellors
Divisional Directors
Faculty Managers
Heads of schools/departments/centres/academic areas
Heads of divisional/support services units



Key Stakeholders

Provost and Senior Vice-President
Director, University Planning and Statistics
Campus Pro Vice-Chancellors
Faculty Managers
Divisional Directors

Approval body

Name: Academic Board
Meeting: 2/2010
Date: 22-April-2010
Agenda item: 16.3

Endorsement body

Name: Education Committee
Meeting: 2/2010
Date: 31-March-2010
Agenda item: 7.2.2


Quality Assurance Survey: An activity whose primary purpose is to monitor, evaluate or improve stakeholder satisfaction with the provision of educational or other student services.

Core Surveys: University-wide surveys administered under the auspices of University Planning and Statistics or Education Business Services. The list of approved core surveys is as specified in the Procedures.

Legislation Mandating Compliance

All relevant legislative instruments that stipulate requirements with which members of the Monash community (all of whom are subject to the law) are obligated to comply.

Related policies

Recordkeeping Policy

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Review Date



Provost and Senior Vice-President


University Planning and Statistics

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