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Academic Quality and Standards

University Student Survey Procedures

Parent Policy

University Student Survey Policy

Definition of terms

Core Surveys: Australian Graduate Survey, Monash Experience Questionnaire (MEQ), Student Support Services Survey, Student Administrative Services Survey, Student Evaluation of Teaching and Units (SETU), Postgraduate Research Supervision Survey (PRSS), Annual Doctoral Exit Survey, Annual Enrolment Questionnaire.

1. Survey Design and Administration

1.1      While students may be encouraged to complete University surveys, participation is voluntary. Students declining to complete surveys must not be denied access to course materials, and must not in any other way be prejudiced with respect to unit completion.

1.2      The survey design and administration process must guarantee that the privacy of any personal and other information collected is preserved in accordance with the requirements of the Privacy of Student Records Policy and Procedures and related legislation.

1.3      Where the survey instrument allows identification of respondents, participants must be accurately advised about the status of personal and other information collected - that it is confidential but not anonymous.


Those designing and administering surveys

2. Submitting proposals for non-core surveys

Requests for the release of non-core quality assurance surveys must be submitted to University Planning and Statistics on the Survey Approval Template including the purpose of the proposed survey, survey methodology, and endorsement of dean or divisional director, with a copy of the proposed survey questionnaire as an appendix. Survey proposers must show how the survey aligns with the scheduled timelines for university core surveys to avoid potential clashes. Proposals must be submitted at least one month prior to the proposed start date of the survey.

Prospective survey administrators who are uncertain of the research status of the proposal and the possible need for ethical clearance must consult the MUHREC Executive Officer.


Survey Proposer
Dean/Divisional Director
Campus Pro Vice-Chancellors

3. Approval of non-core surveys

Decisions concerning survey proposals will be communicated to applicants within one month of submission, together with any recommendations for amendments to the survey questions or format, or the survey administration process. After inclusion of any amendments, the final survey and details of its method of administration must be lodged with University Planning and Statistics for inclusion on University Survey Register.


University Planning and Statistics

4. Update of University Survey Register

A University Survey Register of the titles, survey cohort and ‘start' and ‘closing' dates for each survey will be maintained by University Planning and Statistics so that proposed surveys can be aligned with the topics and timelines of other surveys.


Survey Proposer
University Planning and Statistics

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