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Academic Quality and Standards

Unit Coding Policy


To ensure that unit codes are established within the context of the faculty, course, or major sequence in which the unit is primarily offered for so that it has a meaningful use that will assist:

  • Students in selecting appropriate units in accordance with course requirements;
  • Staff in providing advice to students and to manage curriculum in accordance with University policies.

To assist university planning and monitoring by ensuring that it is possible to identify groupings of multi-level and cross listed units.


All units.

Policy Statement

1. Each unit code will consist of three alpha characters, followed by four numeric characters.

2. The first numeric character will indicate the course level at which the unit is primarily offered.

3. The remaining numeric characters have no requirement for any further meaning.

4. No faculty will establish a unit code using an alpha code which another faculty has in current use, without the agreement of the other faculty.

5. A unit taught at more than one level, and/or approved as part of more than one area of study or course will be assigned a Unit Reference Code to identify groupings of units.

6. Coursework Administrative Units have predetermined faculty codes as specified in the Procedures.

7. Higher Degree by Research Units have predetermined faculty codes as specified in the Procedures.

8. Unit codes not conforming to points 1-5 above require the approval of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) and will be recorded in a Schedule of Exceptions.

Supporting procedures

Unit Coding Procedures

Supporting guidelines

Responsibility for implementation

University wide - Deputy Vice Chancellor (Education)
Faculty wide - Deans, Associate Deans (Education), Faculty Managers



Key Stakeholders

Student Administration and Systems
Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor Planning and Quality

Approval body

Name: Academic Board
Meeting: 2/2009
Date: 22-April-2009
Agenda item: 13.3

Endorsement body

Name: Education Committee
Meeting: 1/2009
Date: 18-February-2009
Agenda item: 10.2.1


Unit:: The basic component of a course in which a student will enrol to undertake study in a particular discipline.

Coursework units:: Units designed to form component parts of coursework programs.

Multi-level unit:: A unit listed as being taught at two levels.

Cross-listed unit:: A unit cross-coded with different ALPHA prefixes as being approved to be part of more than one defined major sequence or specialist course.

Administrative unit:: A unit in which students are enrolled while undertaking part of their study at another institution, for instance through study abroad, student exchange, cross institutional study or work experience.

Research unit:: A unit used to enrol research students in order to calculate fees and to facilitate reporting to DEEWR. Enrolment in the unit is not displayed on the students’ academic transcripts.

Course Managing faculty:: The faculty that is assigned responsibility to coordinate administrative matters for each single or double degree program (including but not restricted to admission, enrolment, course advice, academic progress and academic referral). Only one faculty can manage a course/enrolment; for example the Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws has the managing faculty of Law.

Degree Awarding faculty:: The faculty that is responsible for approving the course regulations that must be satisfied to be granted the award.

Unit Reference Code:: An additional identifying code recorded on Callista to indicate that the unit has more than one code to differentiate students from different year levels (multi level) or different disciplines (cross-listed). The unit reference code allows these different cohorts to be grouped.

Specialist Course:: A structured course with a high proportion of units in an area of specialisation / a specific field of education.

Legislation Mandating Compliance

All relevant legislative instruments that stipulate requirements with which members of the Monash community (all of whom are subject to the law) are obligated to comply.

Monash University Statute
Monash University Act 2009
Monash University (Academic Board) Regulations Parts 2 and 3

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