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Unit Guide Policy

The Unit Guide Procedures establish responsibilities and timelines for the development and use of Unit Guides and the review of the Unit Guide Template.

1. Use of the Unit Guide Template

1.1 The Unit Guide Template will be used to develop a Unit Guide for each undergraduate and graduate/postgraduate coursework unit offering.

1.2 The Faculty may need to produce alternate forms to meet the diverse needs of the student cohort.

1.3 Each Unit Guide must include a unit outline (i.e. unit synopsis, objectives, workload, unit relationships, continuous improvement), schedule of unit activities, prescribed texts and readings, recommended texts and readings, online resources, assessment, policy on assessment.

1.4 Fields marked “optional” may be removed.

1.5 When the unit guide is in print form, the order of fields in the Unit Guide must not be altered.

1.6 Faculties have the authority to include additional fields containing information deemed important for the discipline or particular units.

1.7 Non-Australian campuses may request that additional information, which is required by the local government authorities, be included in the Unit Guide for that campus. Such requests will be made to Learning and Teaching Committee for approval.

1.8 Faculties should keep archived copies of unit guides for all unit offerings taught by the teaching faculty.

1.9 All Unit Guides must contain a section outlining the impact of feedback received from students on the continuous improvement of the unit.


Learning and Teaching Committee
Associate Deans (Education)
Chief Examiners
Academic teaching staff
Faculty and Academic Service Managers

2. Changes to the Unit Guide Template

2.1 Faculty-specific changes to the Unit Guide Template which are necessary to best present faculty-specific information must be approved by Learning and Teaching Committee.

2.2 The Unit Guide Template will be reviewed annually by the Office of Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) (OPVCLT) and any recommended revisions endorsed by Learning and Teaching Committee and approved by Education Committee.

2.3 The electronic version of the revised Unit Guide Template will be available for staff on the web by the first week in November in the year preceding the year in which the Unit Guides are to be made available to students.

2.4 The revised version of the Unit Guide will be used in the following semester one and in all subsequent teaching periods.

2.5 Details of revisions to the Unit Guide Template and the online availability of the Unit Guide Template will be communicated to Faculties and other stakeholders, as appropriate.

2.6 Teaching staff will forward potential improvements to the Unit Guide to the Associate Dean (Education) who will provide feedback to Office of PVC (Learning and Teaching).

2.7 Feedback on the Unit Guide Template should be submitted to Office of PVC (Learning and Teaching) by the end of September each year.  Feedback received will be used by Office of PVC (Learning and Teaching) to inform the revision of the Unit Guide Template.


Learning and Teaching Committee
Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching)

3. Use of the Unit Guide

3.1 All students enrolled in a coursework unit will have access to the Unit Guide either in print or electronic form, for each undergraduate or graduate/postgraduate coursework unit of study undertaken, by the end of the orientation week of a standard semester or, for all other teaching periods, not later than by the end of the first week.

3.2 Unit Guides will be provided in multiple forms where required to ensure the Guide is accessible by all students undertaking the unit.  Multiple forms will include alternate written and online versions as recommended for the student by the Disability Liaison Unit.


Associate Deans (Education)
Chief Examiners
Academic teaching staff

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