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Remuneration and Benefits Procedure - Workplace giving

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Remuneration and Benefits


Workplace Giving allows staff to make regular charitable donations to designated eligible charities through the payroll. The University also allows donations to Monash through the Staff Philanthropy Campaign.

In implementing Workplace Giving, the University has partnered with Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) or Not-For-Profit organisations (NFPs) that share strategic relationships which benefit the learning and research vision of Monash.

This procedure applies to all fixed-term and continuing staff at Monash University Australian campuses.


Eligible charities: These organisations must be a deductible gift recipient (DGR) in order to receive payments under the Workplace Giving Program.

Monash+: This is the philanthropic campaign to support Monash University. Monash+ philanthropy aims to transform lives here and around the globe through five campaign priorities: support students to achieve their full potential; advance research; lead teaching and learning; build for the future; and prepare for change.

Oxfam Australia: This is an Australian, non-religious development agency working to find lasting solutions to poverty and injustice. Their work reaches more than 4.2 million people in 31 countries and is reliant on the support it receives from donors and campaigners.

World Vision: A Christian humanitarian charity organisation dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. World Vision is a global organisation with offices in approximately 100 countries.

Workplace Giving: This is a federal government initiative which allows staff to make regular charitable donations to eligible charities through the payroll.

1. Giving to Monash

Staff philanthropy is a central part of the Monash+ campaign that is focused on student support.

Staff can choose to support The Vice-Chancellor's Ancora Imparo Student Leadership Program, a faculty nominated priority student initiative or an area of personal choice.

Staff wishing to contribute to the staff philanthropic campaign should complete the online application ‘Make a Gift Online Today’ located on the Staff Philanthropy site.

Staff must be specific when nominating where they wish to direct their gift to enable the University to ensure that it reaches the intended area.

The University covers the cost of the administration, which means the nominated program or area of interest will receive 100% of the donation made.

2. Making payments to Monash

Payroll deduction

The online form will prompt staff to nominate a fortnightly amount to be donated to the area of their choice.

HR Operations (Monash HR) will deduct the donation from the staff member’s pre-tax salary and allocate it to the area nominated by the staff member.

Credit card

Staff may also donate to Monash University online by credit card. A copy of the receipt should be kept if a staff member wants to claim the donation amount when lodging his or her tax return.

Cheque or money order

Staff can send donations by cheque or money order, payable to “Monash University”, to:

Monash Campaign Office
Advancement Division, Monash University
PO Box 197
Caulfield East, VIC 3145


Staff can leave a bequest to Monash University by adding a codicil to their current will or by drafting a new will.

Staff should seek advice from a solicitor when making changes to their will. Staff should access advice from accredited specialists in wills and estates, or trustee companies.

3. Giving to Monash partners


Monash University signed an historic agreement with Oxfam on 7 October 2008 to strengthen ties between the two organisations, through staff exchanges and voluntary work opportunities for students.

World Vision

A Memorandum of Understanding between Monash University and World Vision Australia was established on 14 September 2009. As part of this arrangement, the University seeks to encourage its staff to support World Vision Australia in tax effective ways by nominating them as a recipient of donations and other fundraising initiatives.

To donate to Oxfam or World Vision Australia, staff should:

HR Operations will deduct one-off or recurring amounts from staff fortnightly salary as indicated by the staff member.

4. Giving to emergency relief funds

The University responds to appeals for emergency relief funds as the need arises. Staff will be notified of the details of fund raising efforts and organisations identified for workplace giving via global email.

5. Receiving tax benefits

A number of changes to payroll giving arrangements mean that participating staff can now receive the tax benefits of their charitable donations immediately without having to wait until the end of the financial year or needing to hold on to receipts.

Monash will reduce the amount of Pay as you Go tax to be withheld, based on the donation amount. As a result most staff will get a tax benefit in their pay every time they donate.

Whilst the taxable gross on the payment summary, at the end of the financial year will not show a reduced taxable income commensurate to the amount donated, it will have a separate line showing the aggregate donation made under the Workplace Giving program.

Staff can access further information on the ‘Information for Your Employees’ section under Workplace Giving, on the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) site.


Staff Member

The individual staff member is responsible for:

  • nominating the organisation or area s/he wishes to direct the gift or donation to in order to enable the University to ensure that it reaches the intended recipient;
  • completing a Workplace Giving Request Form to Donate to Oxfam or World Vision authorising regular or once off deductions; and/or
  • completing an online application to make a donation to Monash University.

Monash HR

HR Operations

HR Operations is responsible for processing workplace giving requests through the University’s payroll.

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Version number:
Effective date: 22 August 2011
Procedure author: Director, Payroll and Workforce Information
Procedure owner: Executive Director, Monash HR