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Finance Policies and Procedures

Bank Accounts Policy

Bank Accounts Procedures

Borrowings and Other Financing Arrangements Policy

Borrowings and Other Financing Arrangements Procedures

Corporate Credit Card Policy (Australia only)

Corporate Credit Card Procedures (Australia only)

Corporate Receivables Policy

Corporate Receivables Procedures

Delegated Authorities Policy (Australia only)

Delegated Authorities - Oversight Committee Procedures

Fringe Benefits Tax (Australia) Policy

FBT and Vehicles (Australia) Procedures

FBT and Entertainment (Australia) Procedures

FBT and Expense Payments (Australia) Procedures

FBT and Housing (Australia) Procedures

FBT and Living Away From Home Allowance (LAFHA) (Australia) Procedures

FBT and Travel (Australia) Procedures

FBT and Exempt Benefits (Australia) Procedures

Foreign  Exchange Policy

Arranging the Foreign Exchange Hedge of a Purchase or Receipt of Income (Australia) Procedures

Goods and Services Tax (Australia) Policy

GST and Tax Invoices - Accounts Payable (Australia) Procedures

GST and Tax Invoices - Accounts Receivable (Australia) Procedures

GST and Appropriations (Australia) Procedures

GST on Barter and In-Kind Transactions Procedures (Australia only)

GST and Importation (Australia) Procedures

Insurance Program Management Policy

Insurance Program Management - General and Product Liability Claims Procedures

Insurance Program Management - Property Damage Claim Procedures

Investment Policy

Long Term Investment Pool Procedures

Short Term Investment Pool Procedures

Treasury Management Procedures

Procurement Policy

Strategic Procurement Procedures (Australia and South Africa only)

Reimbursements Policy (Australia only)

Reimbursements Procedures (Australia only)

Reimbursements - Cash Advance Procedures (Australia only)

Reimbursements - Petty Cash Procedures (Australia only)

Revenue Handling Policy (Australia) 

Revenue Handling Procedures (Australia)

Student Loan Policy

Student Loan Procedures

Tax - Global Taxation Policy

Payroll Tax Australia Procedures

Vendor Payments Policy

Vendor Payments - Invoices Procedures (Australia only)

Vendor Payments - Stop Payments Procedures (Australia only)

Vendor Payments - Vendor Details Procedures (Australia only)

The remaining Finance policy is being revised into the new format. In the interim please follow the link below:

Asset Disposal

in Finance Policies and Procedures