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Brand Identity Procedures

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Brand Identity Policy

All officers of the University share responsibility for upholding the visual identity of the University. Visual brand guidelines are an important tool to facilitate a consistent visual representation of Monash University and provide a framework which allows sufficient flexibility to enable faculties and campuses to achieve differentiation and effective communication outcomes.

1. All University staff must comply with the latest version of brand guidelines when developing marketing materials, signage or other materials to be displayed to the public or to the Monash community.

2. Usage outside the methods stated in the visual brand guidelines must be approved by the Director, Marketing

3. The Visual Brand Guidelines provide for significant flexibility in design, so that materials can be tailored to local/faculty needs and this approachis encouraged. It is not desirable for all Monash materials to look identical - the intent is rather to ensure that all Monash materials are part of thesame visual family.

4. Exceptions to the application of the visual brand guidelines can only be approved by the Divisional Director of Marketing and Student Recruitment, the Director of Marketing, or the Vice-Chancellor

5. Queries about usage of the visual brand guidelines should be referred to the Director of Marketing.

6. Compliance with ESOS legislation is vital. All officers of the University share responsibility for ensuring that publications comply with the 2007 National Code of Practice for providers of education services to overseas students and the ESOS Act 2002.

7. Marketing and promotion must occur with integrity and accuracy. Students and their parents are first exposed to the Australian education system through registered provider's marketing information.

8. Publications, marketing, advertising, and student recruitment officers who are writing, publishing and distributing written and electronic material have legal obligations under the ESOS Act and the 2007 Codeof Practice to ensure their materials comply.

9. Marketing and promotional materials which may be used to recruit international students must comply with the Act and the Code.

10. No false or misleading comparisons shall be drawn with any other providers or their courses and no inaccurate claims of association with other providers or organisation shall be made.

11. View the Monash ESOS Compliance Manual online.


All staff, but in particular:
• Central marketing, publications and advertising staff
• Faculty marketing, publications and advertising staff
• Campus marketing and advertising staff

Legislation Mandating Compliance

Monash University Act 2009

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