Governance Policies and Procedures

Governance covers a range of policies and procedures that apply across all areas of the university's operations; they are not owned by any single division. These are managed by Executive Services and currently comprise:

Academic Review Policy[RTF]
Academic Review Procedures[RTF]
Admission of Observers to Academic Board Meetings Policy[RTF]
Admission of Observers to Academic Board Meetings Procedures[RTF]
Community Service Policy[RTF]
Copyright Compliance Policy[RTF]
Copyright Compliance Procedures (Australia only)[RTF]
Copyright Compliance:  Take-down Procedures for Copyright Infringements (Australia only)[RTF]
Crisis Management Policy[RTF]
Crisis Management Procedures[RTF]
Departments and Schools - Establishment, Renaming and Approval Policy[RTF]
Departments and Schools - Development, Renaming and Approval Guidelines 
Freedom of Information Policy[RTF]
Freedom of Information Procedures[RTF]
Insider Trading Policy[RTF]
Pecuniary Interests Policy[RTF]
Pecuniary Interests Procedures[RTF]
Privacy of Student Records Policy[RTF]
Privacy of Student Records Procedures[RTF]
Support Services Review Policy[RTF]
Support Services Review Procedures[RTF]
Support Services Review Guidelines 
Support Services Review - Sources for Information, Data and Support Documentation 
Support Services Review - Guidelines for Drafting Self Review Report 
Support Services Review - Typical Calendar of Events 
Support Services Review - Areas of Responsibility 
Support Services Review - Documents Required by External Review Panel 
Support Services Review - Format of a Typical Review Report 
Support Services Review - Format of Typical Action Plan