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Governance Policies and Procedures

Governance covers a range of policies and procedures that apply across all areas of the university's operations; they are not owned by any single division. These are managed by Executive Services and currently comprise:

Academic Review Policy

Academic Review Procedures

Admission of Observers to Academic Board Meetings Policy

Admission of Observers to Academic Board Meetings Procedures

Community Service Policy

Copyright Compliance Policy

Copyright Compliance Procedures (Australia only)

Copyright Compliance:  Take-down Procedures for Copyright Infringements (Australia only)

Crisis Management Policy

Crisis Management Procedures

Departments and Schools - Establishment, Renaming and Approval Policy

Departments and Schools - Development, Renaming and Approval Guidelines

Freedom of Information Policy

Freedom of Information Procedures

Insider Trading Policy

Mobile Food Vendor Policy

Mobile Food Vendor Procedures

Pecuniary Interests Policy

Pecuniary Interests Procedures

Privacy of Student Records Policy

Privacy of Student Records Procedures

Support Services Review Policy

Support Services Review Procedures

Support Services Review Guidelines

Support Services Review - Sources for Information, Data and Support Documentation

Support Services Review - Guidelines for Drafting Self Review Report

Support Services Review - Typical Calendar of Events

Support Services Review - Areas of Responsibility

Support Services Review - Documents Required by External Review Panel

Support Services Review - Format of a Typical Review Report

Support Services Review - Format of Typical Action Plan