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Admission of Observers to Academic Board Meetings Policy


To regulate the attendance of non-members at meetings of Academic Board, so that the object of transparent governance is achieved with minimal impact on the conduct of meetings.


All Monash staff
All Monash students
Members of Academic Board

Policy Statement

In accordance with the University's goal of transparent governance, members of staff and students of the University who are not members of the Academic Board may attend meetings of those bodies as observers. The number of observers is limited to 10 for any meeting of the Board.

Non-members wishing to attend a meeting of Academic Board must make application as specified in the Procedures and their attendance is subject to the requirements of the meeting and the Procedures. Observers may not bring any recording device into the meeting chamber. At the discretion of the Chair any observer may be requested to leave the meeting without notice.

Supporting procedures

Admission of Observers to Academic Board Meetings Procedures

Supporting guidelines


Responsibility for implementation

Secretary, Academic Board



Key Stakeholders

Chair, Academic Board
Director, Executive Services

Approval body

Name: Academic Board
Meeting: 2/2014
Date: 16-April-2014
Agenda item: 10.2

Endorsement body

Name: Steering Committee of Academic Board
Meeting: 2/2014
Date: 08-April-2014
Agenda item: 10.2


Observers: members of staff and students of the University, who apply to and are granted permission by the Academic Board Secretary to attend a particular meeting.

Legislation Mandating Compliance

Monash University Act 2009 (in particular, section 20)

Monash University (Council) Regulations

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Director, Executive Services


Manager, Executive Services

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Version Number: 2.0


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