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Admission of Observers to Academic Board Meetings Procedures

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Admission of Observers to Academic Board Meetings Policy

Persons who are not members of Academic Board may attend meetings of this body in accordance with the following rules:

1. Requests to attend a meeting as an observer must be made in writing to the Secretary of Academic Board not less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled commencement time of the meeting.

2. The request for observer status must include the non-member's name and Monash University ID number.

3. Upon receipt of a request, the Secretary will provide provisional authorisation to attend, subject to the availability of seating. Final approval to attend the meeting will not be given until it is clear that there is sufficient seating space available; no observer will be allowed to stand at a meeting.

4. Observers will be provided with an Agenda that contains all items except those designated confidential.

5. Upon arrival at the meeting observers must identify themselves to the member of Executive Services staff administering the attendance list.

6. Observers will be admitted to a meeting after any items classified as confidential have been dealt with by Academic Board.

7. An observer may be permitted to speak and to respond to questions from members of Academic Board at the discretion of the Chair.

8. An observer has no voting rights.

9. If at any time Academic Board decides to discuss any item(s) of business "in camera", observers will be required to leave the meeting until discussion of the item(s) has concluded.

10. Permission to attend Academic Board is not transferable.


Eligible persons wishing to attend as observers
Secretary, Academic Board

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