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To affirm the University’s commitment to respect privacy in relation to the collection, maintenance, use and disposal of student records information. Disclosure of such information to a third party otherwise than as described in the associated procedures is not permitted.


All campuses
All staff and students

Policy Statement

Through a variety of forms Monash University collects information from students for the primary purpose of providing them with the courses of study for which they are enrolled. Related purposes of collection include correspondence with students, day to day administrative matters, provision of information about courses and events, the provision of information about associated services made available to and used by students (such as information technology), the use of personal information for the student electoral roll and the Alumni data base on graduation, and compliance with legislative reporting requirements.

Student records also include academic information that accrues during admission and candidature. This includes information about admission, academic progress and standing, exclusion, assignments and examinations, results and details of practical and clinical placements. It does not include data held by community service professionals employed by the University or by medical practices located on University campuses.

Apart from information that is in the public domain and the specific exceptions detailed in the associated procedures, student record information collected by the University will not be disclosed to third parties. Students are entitled to expect that their personal and academic information will not be subject to unauthorised interference or use.

Monash will seek to ensure that the personal and academic information that the University collects, maintains, uses and discloses:

  • is accurate, complete and up to date;
  • is protected from misuse, loss, unauthorized access, modification or disclosure; and
  • is destroyed or de-identified when and as required by University policy and relevant external legislation.

Supporting procedures

Privacy of Student Records Procedures

Supporting guidelines


Responsibility for implementation

Director, Student Administration and Systems (Australian campuses): Director, Academic Support and Registrar, (Sunway campus): Director, Student Services, (Monash South Africa)
Manager and University Archivist, Records and Archives Services
University Privacy Officer
Faculty Managers



Key Stakeholders

Vice-President (Administration)
Divisional Director, Student and Community Services
Director, Student Administration and Systems
Manager and University Archivist, Records and Archives Services
University Privacy Officer
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Malaysia)
Pro Vice-Chancellor (South Africa)
Faculty Managers

Approval body

Name: Vice-President (Administration)
Meeting: n/a
Date: 09-August-2010
Agenda item: n/a

Endorsement body

Name: Divisional Director, Student and Community Service
Meeting: n/a
Date: 09-August-2010
Agenda item: n/a



Legislation Mandating Compliance

All relevant legislative instruments that stipulate requirements with which members of the Monash community (all of whom are subject to the law) are obligated to comply.

Monash University Act 2009Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 No.60 (VIC)
Privacy Act 1998 (Commonwealth)
Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic)

(Neither Malaysia nor South Africa have data protection legislation.)

Related policies

Disability Liaison Unit Privacy Statement
Freedom of Information Policy
Recordkeeping Policy

Related documents

Collection of Personal Information (including the Enrolment Forms Collection Statement)Conduct and Compliance Procedure – Privacy (sections 3-5)Guidelines for Collecting/Distributing Student Results/Assignments and Other Information

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Review Date



Divisional Director, Student and Community Services


Director, Student Administration and Systems

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