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To assist the university to assure itself of the quality of its support services.
To utilise learning from this developmental process in order to effect ongoing quality improvement.


  • Support services providing essential infrastructure, processes, policies and services for staff and students
  • All aspects of the operations of support services areas, including planning and quality assurance, management, resources, core services and professional and community activities.

Policy Statement

The guiding principles for review are based on the university’s quality cycle of Plan, Act, Evaluate (monitor and review) and Improve. The following principles relate specifically to reviews of support services areas:

  1. The strategic directions of the university are of central importance for all reviews.
  2. Benchmarking leading to improvement is strongly encouraged, as is input from stakeholders.
  3. Support services reviews consider the effectiveness of processes and procedures, particularly as they are demonstrated through outcomes. Effective processes are best demonstrated by successful outcomes and reviews encourage a focus on outcomes.
  4. The importance and relevance of external professional reviews is acknowledged.
  5. Quality assurance and improvement are core responsibilities and budgeting for review is therefore part of the normal planning and budgeting process of support services areas.
  6. Each support services area will be reviewed at least every 5 years.

Support services reviews will comprise the following stages as detailed in the Procedures:

  • Self-review of the service area and preparation of self-review report;
  • Call for submissions;
  • Review by external panel and preparation of review report;
  • Preparation of action plan;
  • Reporting to and consultation with the Vice-Chancellor’s Group and the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching);
  • Reporting on implementation of recommendations 12 months after lodgement of the review report and action plan.

The Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) (OPVCL&T) will maintain a database of support services reviews, implementation plans and 12-month follow-up reports on implementation of recommendations.

Supporting procedures

Support Services Review Procedures

Supporting guidelines

Support Services Review Guidelines

Responsibility for implementation

Vice-Chancellor’s Group
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching)
Divisional directors
Heads of divisions/departments



Key Stakeholders

Vice-Chancellor’s Group
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Planning & Quality)
Director, Monash Quality Unit
Divisional Directors
Managers and staff of support services organisational units

Approval body

Name: Strategy and Resources Committee
Meeting: 04/2009
Date: 06-May-2009
Agenda item: 8.1

Endorsement body

Name: Senior Management Forum
Meeting: 03/2009
Date: 09-June-2009
Agenda item: 7.1



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Academic Review Policy

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Support Services Reviews: calendar of events (obtainable through OPVC(L&T))

Support Services Review: sample format for implementation plan (obtainable through OPVC(L&T))

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Pro Vice Chancellor (Learning and Teaching)


Pro Vice Chancellor (Learning and Teaching)

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Director, Monash Quality Unit

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