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Checklist For Compliance With The Privacy Laws - Managers

  • Have you considered the obligations imposed on all staff of the university by the privacy laws?
  • Are you aware of obligations placed on Monash by the privacy laws?
  • Have all staff who handle personal, sensitive or health information as a part of their normal day to day duties been trained in privacy laws and has training on privacy laws been included in all new staff member’s induction?
  • Have you conducted an audit of your area’s current practices to ensure that Monash is complying with the privacy laws? Do you conduct regular follow up audits to monitor ongoing compliance with the laws?
  • Have you considered the privacy implications for all new projects?
  • Is a privacy compliance culture promoted within your area? Are staff encouraged to consider privacy consequences in activities they undertake on behalf of the university?
  • Do you know who your Privacy Co-ordinator is, or if your area does not have one, do you know how to contact the Privacy Officer?