Energy-related materials

The ability to generate energy from renewable resources ranks among the most important societal and engineering challenges of our time.

Monash researchers are creating cheap, powerful and efficient technologies to both harvest and store this energy.

We are researching superior next generation solar cells that can be printed on flexible plastic supporting materials, similar to modern Australian banknotes.

Our collaborative research has led to the development of an efficient way to split water, powered by sunlight, which would open up production of hydrogen as a clean fuel.

And we are at the forefront of wind farming and new fuel cell technologies.

To store this energy, we are working on new and improved batteries, including a groundbreaking design that replaces expensive platinum components with treated Gore-Tex, a breathable fabric used in outdoor clothing.

Manufacturing at Monash University

Manufacturing by Monash University


Our researchers and industry partners have access to unique state-of-the-art facilities, including:

Working with industry

We work with industry, governments and other leading research universities to help deliver the impact of our innovative discoveries to the public.

Our work in solar cell technology is part of a larger consortium funded by state and federal governments, and involving CSIRO and other universities.

We are conducting nanomaterial research with a major automotive manufacturer.

And our new water-splitting technologies have been developed in partnership with researchers in the USA.

Contributing capabilities