New therapeutics

Monash scientists lead the search for cures.

Bringing a new medicine to market is tricky business – of every 5000 compounds, only 250 enter preclinical trials and only one of these drugs are approved.

Our researchers have a strong track record in drug discovery including breakthrough treatments for infertility and influenza. More than 15 new drug candidates have progressed into clinical development through collaborative programmes with Monash's Centre for Drug Candidate Optimisation.

We are offering hope of an improved quality of life to those suffering from some of the world's most common illnesses.

In 2010, our researchers led the discovery of a potential new treatment for breast cancer.

We have people using regenerative medicine to uncover treatments for incurable diseases while others work on HIV treatments in partnership with leading Victorian health centres.

We are collaborating on a single-dose cure for malaria, a disease that kills an estimated one million people every year worldwide.

Our researchers are experts in pharmacology, pharmaceutical science, biological sciences, stem cell medicines, neuroscience and nanotechnology, and include the largest and most experienced group of pharmaceutical scientists in Australia.


Working with industry

The Industry Engagement and Commercialisation Group establishes and nurtures partnerships with industry, government, community and other research providers, to deliver impact from the innovation that our researchers deliver.

Two major FDA approved medicines have emerged from these collaborations, as have two significant spin out pharmaceutical companies.

The Centre for Drug Candidate Optimisation works with drug discovery groups around the world to support drug candidate optimisation and selection, and progression through to clinical trial.

We also have strong partnerships with The Burnet Institute and The Alfred Hospital.

Contributing capabilities