Urban water

Effective water management shapes our ability to survive and thrive in response to challenges such as urban expansion and climate change.

Monash University is committed to urban water research and the development of scientific resources that protect and enhance sustainable environments at the local, national and global level.

We take a uniquely interdisciplinary approach to research that involves experts from Engineering, Science, Law, Arts, Business and Economics, and Art and Design.

Our researchers work on exciting projects that improve how people use and manage water. More than that, our work influences the way people think about the precious resources upon which life depends.


Our researchers and partner organisations benefit from world-leading infrastructure, such as:

Monash is also a key partner in:

Working with industry

Our team recognises the value of working with more than 20 partner organisations to produce solutions to real-world problems. This approach is leading to groundbreaking achievements benefiting businesses and citizens around the world.

Contribution capabilities

  • Water technology design and construction
  • Microclimate assessment
  • Government and policy development
  • Economic valuation and modelling
  • Eco-system service and health
  • Environmental planning and law
  • Sustainable architecture and landscape design