Message from Senior Vice-Provost and Vice-Provost (Research)

Research is central to what we do at Monash University.

Since our establishment just over 50 years ago, we have become known for producing research that has an influence well beyond the academic community.

Many of our researchers have made discoveries leading to significant and lasting impacts, both in Australia and around the world. I believe that an important factor in this has been Monash's focus on research that is not limited by disciplinary or institutional barriers, but finds ways to overcome these hurdles.

Our research goals can be summarised in three words: excellence, relevance and impact. We believe that these goals are mutually supporting, and that with these guiding aims our research can continue to solve the challenges society faces.

To achieve our overarching research goals, we are increasing our capacity to connect with industry, government and the world's very best research organisations. We are also breaking down the traditional barriers between fields of study, creating cross-disciplinary teams involving multiple faculties. Fundamental to our approach is an unrelenting commitment to excellence and support for our early career researchers and emerging research leaders.

In short, there has never been a better time to join our community.

Professor Pauline Nestor