Research culture

Monash University's reputation as a world-class research institution comes from the ambition of our staff and students.

We have long fostered a culture of big thinking. Our academics and students have always been encouraged to move beyond traditional boundaries and exceed expectations.

This has allowed Monash to make world-changing research and discoveries, almost from the moment we were established.

Today our ambition and optimism are stronger than ever. We have a clear vision of what we want our research to achieve and how we'll help our researchers make it happen.

Our goals for the future

We aim to be recognised across the globe as one of Australia's leading research universities, renowned for our ability to find solutions to society's great challenges.

Benefiting communities

We want our research to benefit the communities we engage with and serve. We aim to be responsive to the needs of these communities, producing research that is as relevant as it is excellent.

Open and collaborative

We understand how important collaboration with government, industry and other world-class research organisations can be in turning a discovery into a real change for the better.

We aim to become known for our accessibility, our openness to building strong partnerships that lead to extraordinary results.

Dissolving barriers

We want to minimise the traditional barriers between fields and faculties. This will allow us to approach problems from multiple angles, attacking important challenges as cross-disciplinary teams.


By placing an emphasis on strategically chosen research areas, we aim to strengthen our activities further.

As Australia's largest university, we can cover an extensive array of research fields, but we realise the dangers of spreading ourselves too thinly. A focused approach lets us devote the time and resources we need to make the changes we seek.


We attract some of the best researchers in the world to Monash, and we want to continue to provide them with the best support and administrative services that we can. We will also continue to help our researchers receive the funding they need.

Researchers of the future

While our aims reflect a strategic approach to research, we understand that we are nothing without our people.

At the heart of our ambitions for the future is a desire to continue attracting outstanding researchers.