Monash partnered national research infrastructure

Monash is the lead or host organisation for a number of national collaborative research infrastructure capabilities. This includes hosting nodes that form part of a broader national network funded under the federal government National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Scheme (NCRIS).

These national capabilities have been established to encourage collaborative research and broad accessibility by Australian researchers and industry.

  • Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication 
    MCN operates the largest purpose-built research cleanroom complex in the southern hemisphere. It provides the industrial, research and academic community with expertise in the areas of advanced materials and biotechnology.
  • Australian Phenomics Network 
    The APN provides Australian and international researchers with transgenic models for the study of human and animal disease. Monash is host to the Embryonic Stem (ES) Cell to Mouse and Cryopreservation nodes.
  • The Multi-modal Australian Sciences Imaging and Visualisation Environment 
    MASSIVE is a primary Australian high-performance computing (HPC) facility for computational imaging and visualisation. It provides an unprecedented view of captured data and simulated models by enabling the capability to view full-resolution data sets. MASSIVE is coordinated by Monash University and partners Australian Synchrotron, CSIRO, and VPAC.
  • Recombinant Protein Feeder Facility
    The Australian Government, State Government of Victoria, CSIRO and Monash University have invested in this Victorian node to help enhance Australia's capacity to produce scale-up of recombinant proteins to pre-commercial quantities.
  • Australian National Data Service 
    ANDS was established with federal government funding to create and develop an Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) infrastructure a cohesive set of research resources across all Australian research institutes. This infrastructure enables Australian researchers to easily publish, discover, access and use research data. Monash is a lead partner of ANDS with Australian National University (ANU) and CSIRO.
  • AuScope 
    The Victorian node of the NCRIS AuScope 'Simulation, Analysis, Modelling' Component is hosted by Monash University and delivered in partnership with VPAC. Our goals are to improve and extend the software infrastructure collectively developed under ACcESS.
  • EMBL Australia 
    Australia is the first Associate Member of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL). EMBL Australia allows local researchers to access services through funded research, collaboration and the formation of research institutes. EMBL Australia is hosted by Monash University through the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI).