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Micromon is a research driven platform that provides genomics services including Sanger DNA sequencing and next-generation sequencing to the broader research community. These services are supported by the provision of DNA and RNA sizing and quantification, custom oligonucleotide synthesis, microbial testing, and specialised media and culture supply. Micromon also runs the highly reputed molecular biology workshop that provides training in the essential skills of recombinant DNA technology. Micromon staff are recognised for their expertise in project management and guidance.
Working with us

Do you have a research or industry problem? Are you struggling to pinpoint which service or instrument will give you the outcome you need? Please make an enquiry; we are happy to help advise the best workflow/technology to use and steer you in the right direction.

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+61 (3) 9905 4830

Room 220 - 2nd floor south
15 Innovation Walk
Monash University, Clayton Campus

Wellington Road

Clayton, VIC 3800, Australia

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+61 (3) 9905 4830