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The Protein Production Unit (PPU) is a unique facility that can produce large amounts of pure and active proteins for use in research.

Our process is automated with the latest high-throughput platforms. This makes it faster and more cost-effective than conventional manual methods.

We supply both academic and commercial partners with expert purification and expression services. We also work with researchers to deliver custom purification to individual research projects.

The PPU can integrate with other platform technologies available at Monash University.

Our services

  • Protein purification (up to 48 individual proteins)
  • Custom purification (up to 100mg of protein on request)
  • Purification Protocol development
  • Protein Expression Optimisation
  • Refolding screens/thermal melt analysis

Our key equipment

  • AKTA Express units (12 Units)
  • Liquid handling robot: Tecan Evo
  • RT-PCR machine
  • Bacterial/yeast growth facilities
  • Bioanalyser protein analysis
  • AKTA avant

Access details

You can access this facility via:

  • Collaborative research
  • Fee for service
  • Consultancies