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Monash technology capabilities


Our technology capabilities provide our researchers and external partners with the critical infrastructure and expertise to support high-level research in the fields of biomedical science and engineering.

We offer a range of technologies and expertise. This expands our services beyond our recognised network of core technology research platforms.

Over time we expect a number of these capabilities to develop into core research platforms to provide even greater services.

  • Monash Histology
    We provide expert service, advice and training for histological studies involving tissues embedded in paraffin and glycolmethacrylate. We also offer cryostat facilities for frozen specimens.

  • Bioinformatics
    Monash is a core member of the Victorian Bioinformatics Consortium (VBC). This collaborative partnership offers bioinformatics support to Monash, international biological researchers and industrial users.

  • New Biomaterial Design
    Our New Biomaterial Design capability is part of the Centre for Green Chemistry. Our two core capability areas are Cleaner Synthesis Technology and Green Biotechnology.

  • Statistical Consulting Service
    We work with business, industry and government to help with statistical data analysis, forecasting models, design surveys and in-house training.

  • Monash Glasshouse
    We offer a range of specialised facilities for plant-based research. Our facility features 16 independently climate-controlled bays, including two quarantine bays and one potting shed.

  • ARC Centre of Excellence for Coherent X-ray Science
    We conduct research in a range of X-ray optics areas, including attosecond science and biological science.

  • Monash Corrosion, Monitoring, Mechanism and Mitigation Capability
    Our research focuses on the processes that affect the lifetime of materials and structures. We monitor and mitigate the corrosion of large scale infrastructure such as concrete and pipes. We also design protective surfaces on light weight alloys. Our research spans across four engineering departments: Chemical, Civil, Materials and Mechanical and Aerospace.

  • Geoexchange Geostructures Research Group
    Our Geosciences group within Monash Civil Engineering investigates the use of thermal active geostructures for heating and cooling of built structures. This is a more efficient and greener option with the potential to reduce green house gas emissions. Our capability includes an 18-metre bored pile instrument and state-of-the-art laboratory equipment.

  • The Southeast Asia Community Observatory
    SEACO is a developing longitudinal demographic health surveillance site located in Malaysia. It captures longitudinal biomedical, health, social, educational and environmental data on a population of approximately 70,000 people. High-quality data will be accessible for secondary analyses, or we can provide experienced data collectors for primary data collection.