Dr Ailie Gallant

Dr Ailie Gallant enjoys a good thunderstorm, but the School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment scientist is mostly fascinated by weather's other extreme aspects, such as droughts and heat waves.

"My work right now is trying to provide some insight into why we get more frequent, intense and longer-lasting droughts during some decades compared to others and whether human-induced climate change is playing a role," Dr Gallant said.

While women in science may still be a minority, Dr Gallant believes the challenges aspiring women scientists face are not insurmountable. With the right social and institutional changes, Dr Gallant is hopeful that greater diversity can be achieved.

"So many studies show that greater success comes from a more diverse workplace, including gender diversity," she said.

Dr Gallant is grateful for the University's supportive and rich environment, which she describes as positive, proactive and research focused.

"Monash has been very supportive in trying to engage and provide the best for students by investing in world-class teaching labs, including a brand new outdoor teaching lab."

A self-described "weather and climate geek", Dr Gallant urges aspiring women scientists to pursue their dreams.

"Go for it! Never be afraid to challenge norms, ask questions and tell people what you want. Don't be afraid of failure."