Research support services

We provide a professional environment that reduces the administrative effort required of our researchers to enable them to focus on what really matters - their research.

Infrastructure and technology

We provide our researchers, industry and other organisations with access to world-leading infrastructure to advance research agendas and strengthen key partnerships. This infrastructure has the capability to translate research from discovery, prototype and proof-of-concept, through to commercialisation, development and production.

We offer leading eResearch capability by connecting our research teams to the most appropriate hardware, software and services to sustain their research capability.

Funding support

We aim to provide unparalleled support to our researchers throughout the grant life cycle. As the primary contact between grant applicants and funding agencies, we deliver research applications, development support, advice and assistance to the research community, and facilitate research ethics approvals and award management. To assist our researchers in developing their strongest possible applications, we also provide programs that coach, guide and connect researchers with mentors and collaborators that support application development.

Research Systems

We offer world-leading capability in research management. Researchers have the ability to manage their projects, research outputs and external profiles in one location. With all information visible to the researcher, they can easily track the status of their applications, develop their own external profile and manage their research outputs with automatic harvesting capability. As a key member of an international user group on this topic, we remain at the forefront of this ever-emerging capability.

Library services, resources and programs

We are home to one of Australia's leading academic libraries. We have a long-standing reputation for a comprehensive collection, technological innovation and professional excellence. Our specialist librarians and Learning Skills Advisors can work with you on a range of areas including:

  • resource discovery, analysis and use
  • data management
  • essay, report and thesis writing
  • oral presentation skills
  • publishing
  • research promotion and dissemination
  • copyright advice.

We provide tools and platforms that allow you to manage, securely store, share and selectively publish your research data.

For more information view our library resources for researchers.