ESS and P2P Online Store unavailable

ESS and P2P Online Store currently unavailable. Work is underway to restore the service asap.

While ESS is unavailable, please follow these guidelines:

Leave requests

We recommend you wait until ESS is restored to submit or approve leave requests.

Timesheet submission

To ensure you receive your pay on the next payday (Thursday 8 June) you have until:

  • 6pm, Thursday 1 June (Wednesday – Tuesday cycle) or
  • 9am, Monday 5 June (Saturday to Friday cycle)

to submit your timesheet.

Timesheet approval

  • Outstanding timesheets have work flowed from supervisors to the second approver and alternate approver
  • All approvers have until Monday 5 June to approve outstanding timesheets for the next pay period (Thursday 8 June)
  • We recommend that supervisors liaise with their second or alternate approvers to validate the timesheet submitted prior to approval

Approvals or acceptance of Fixed Term contract in ESS

We recommend you wait until ESS is restored before approving or accepting fixed term contract renewals.

Casual and Sessional engagements

  • We recommend you wait until ESS is restored before approving or initiating new casual/sessional engagement requests
  • Offers and acceptance of new casual and sessional engagements are unaffected as these are completed by email.

Other HR Enquiries

For all other HR enquiries, please contact Access HR on 990 20400

Raising Purchase Order Requests

For urgent Purchase Order requests please contact your local purchasing team.

For all non-urgent requests please wait until ESS is restored to lodge a Purchase Requisition.

Approving Purchase Orders

Currently unavailable.

P2P Stores

  • Researchers to call or physically attend the stores, we’ll manually record your purchase for later upload
  • Remember to provide a Cost Centre and Fund when requesting purchases
  • Stores will issue a receipt your purchase

We do apologise for the inconvenience caused by the system unavailability.