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Laura Woods, Michael McDonald, Aysha Sezmis

New discovery challenges long-held evolutionary theory

Monash scientists involved in one of the world’s longest evolution experiments have debunked an established theory with a study that provides a ‘high-resolution’ view of the molecular details of adaptation.

MasterChef technique found to be a lifesaver for endangered sea turtle eggs

Olive ridley sea turtle hatchling at Ostional, Costa Rica

Monash university scientists have made the unlikely discovery that a popular MasterChef technique can protect the eggs of endangered sea turtles during transport.

Biology 18 October 2017

Early global greenhouse event gave rise to fire-adapted trees

Conifers that were living at the South Pole show an extreme adaptation to forest fires.

Earth Atmosphere and Environment

Global warming predicted to trigger more frequent and intense thunderstorms in the tropics

Some of the world’s most intense thunderstorms occur in the tropics and subtropics but until now the relationship between such storms and climate change has been uncertain.

Earth Atmosphere and Environment
Dr Eric Thrane and Dr Paul Lasky

Monash researchers usher in new era of astronomy with the first detection of colliding neutron stars

A team of researchers at Monash University has taken part in the detection of gravitational waves from a pair of merging neutron stars. The result is likely to be remembered as one of the biggest astronomical discoveries of the 21st century.

Physics and Astronomy
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