Academic staff

Balasubramanian, Sureshkumar
Suresh is interested in deciphering the molecular mechanisms underlying phenotypic variation that shapes evolution in plants.
Barr, Jeremy
Jeremy studies bacteriophage and their interactions with the human body. His focus is on the mucosal surface and the antimicrobial effect that bacteriophage exert at these critical barriers.
Beardall, John
John researches metabolic processes in microscopic photosynthetic organisms. His focus is cyanobacterial and algal ecophysiology and ecology, especially in relation to global change.
Bowman John
John researches the genetic and molecular basis of pattern formation in plant development and the evolution of land plant morphology.
Burd, Martin
As an evolutionary biologist Martin researches plant evolutionary ecology as well as behaviour and social organisation in ant colonies.
Brookes, Rowan - Education Director
Rowan's primary focus is improving educational outcomes in science education. Her research focuses on educational technology, curriculum design and assessment in the higher education sector.
Burke, Richard
Richard is using the experimental advantages of the vinegar fly Drosophila to investigate the genetic regulation of metal ion metabolism in animal development and disease.
Bryson-Richardson, Rob - Research Training Director
Robert researches the genetic causes, disease mechanisms, and potential therapies for a range of myopathies using the zebrafish as an in vivo model system.
David ChappleChapple, David
Dave's research spans invasion biology, behavioural and evolutionary ecology, population and conservation genetics, phylogenetics and phylogeography.
Chown, Steven
Steven is engaged in biogeographic and macroecological studies, macrophysiology, spatial ecology, and invasion biology. Translation of science into policy is a major focus.
Rohan ClarkeClarke, Rohan
Rohan's research focusses on movement ecology, with interests in conservation management of marine and terrestrial birds, and pathogen transmission pathways in avian MGEation corridors.
Connallon, Tim
Tim is interested in the conceptual links between theoretical models and experimental data in evolutionary biology. Specific topics of interest include sexual dimorphism, genome evolution, and genetic constraints to adaptation.
Cook, Carly
Carly is interested in improving the use of scientific information in environmental decisions by applying a range of applied research questions and development of decision-support tools.
Dowling, Damian
Damian's research focuses on the dynamics of life-history evolution. A core goal is to understand the evolutionary processes that shape our energy producing genes.
Evans, Alistair
Alistair researches mammal morphological evolution, particularly of teeth, using techniques such as 3D imaging and analysis.
Gleadow, Ros
Ros investigates the effect of environmental variables such as drought and elevated carbon dioxide on the partitioning of resources between growth and defence in plants.
Greening, Chris
Chris' research explores the metabolic processes that enable environmental and pathogenic bacteria alike to persist in deprived environments and adapt to ecosystem changes.
Hall, Matt
Matt is an evolutionary biologist who studies the genetics of host-parasite interactions, life-history tradeoffs and ageing using Daphnia as a model system.
Ho, Susie
Susie investigates educational technology and multidisciplinary perspectives in science education. Collaborative and immersive learning in ecology and environmental science is a focus.
Hodgins KayHodgins, Kay
Kay researches plant evolution in human altered environments, plant adaptation to climate change, crop evolution and the evolution of plant sexual systems.
Marshall, Dustin
Dustin is an evolutionary ecologist who uses marine invertebrates as a model for understanding the phenotypic links among life-history stages and the eco-evolutionary dynamics of marine communities.
McDonald, Michael
Mike is interested in the genetics of adaptation. His lab propagates populations of yeast (and other microbes) for1000's of generations in a variety of laboratory environments, with the goal to understand how organisms adapt to better fit their environment.
McGraw, Beth
Beth researches the genetics and evolution of insect:microbe associations, specifically the use of endosymbiotic bacteria for biocontrol against the mosquito that transmits dengue fever.
McGeoch, Melodie - Deputy Research Director
Melodie is interested in spatial patterns in biodiversity, how these are impacted by global change and how biodiversity can most effectively be estimated and monitored.
Christen MirthMirth, Christen
Christen's research explores the regulation and evolution of developmental plasticity,focussing on how environmental conditions alter body size and shape, life history traits, and patterns of foraging behaviour.
Monro, Keyne
Keyne's research explores how selection and evolution shape biological diversity, and the evolutionary consequences of environmental change in marine ecosystems
Moore, Joslin - Deputy Education Director
Joslin's research uses ecological theory and models to solve and inform applied ecological problems that will aid in the conservation and sustainable management of natural resources.
Moira O'BryanO'Bryan, Moira - Head of school 
Moira leads the Male Infertility and Germ Cell Biology Laboratory. This group studies sperm development and function and the causes of human male infertility.
Matt Piper Piper, Matt
Food quantity and nutrient quality affect the behaviour, health and lifespan of all organisms. Matt's research focuses on the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster to investigate the molecular mechanisms that mediate these effects, with the goal of understanding these processes in humans.
Peters, Anne - Deputy Research Training Director
Anne's research area is behaviour and ecology of wild birds, with a focus on physiological mechanisms and implications of life-history trade-offs.
Reina, Richard
Richard investigates ecophysiology of animals including sharks, penguins, turtles and frogs, and is interested in their responses to environmental challenge with application to conservation.
Sgrò, Carla
Carla researches the genetic basis of adaptation to environmental change. How evolutionary processes can be incorporated into biodiversity conservation is a focus.
Sunnucks, Paul
Paul's group applies field biology, ecological genomics/genetics and spatial environmental analysis to the population biology of animals under natural and human-impacted conditions.
Marina TS Profile Telonis-Scott, Marina
Marina in interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms underpinning climatic adaptation in wild Drosophila populations, with a particular focus on gene transcript complexity.
Warr, Coral - Associate Dean of Research
Coral uses the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, to investigate cellular and developmental genetics, with a focus on how cells respond to signals from their environment.
White, Craig
Craig is an evolutionary physiologist interested in describing and understanding the causes and consequences of physiological variation in animals.
Wong, Bob
Bob is interested in the evolution of animal mating systems and behaviour, and how investment in sex influences reproductive strategies and biological diversity.

Emeritus Professors

Clayton, Margaret

Margaret's research focussed on the reproductive biology of marine algae, the importance of phenolic compounds in brown algae and the biology of polar macroalgae.

Lake, Sam

As a researcher at the School Sam mainly investigated the ecology of freshwater systems, particularly the effects of disturbances and the responses to restoration.

Smyth, David

David investigates how genes regulate the morphogenesis of flowers using Arabidopsis thaliana as a model.

Holloway, Bruce

Geneticist Bruce Holloway played an integral role in the establishment of the Department of Genetics and Developmental Biology at Monash University.

Gordon Sanson Sanson, Gordon

Gordon's research focuses on the functional morphology of teeth in relation to the biomechanical properties of the diet; the nutritional ecology of animals; the functional morphology of the animal digestive system.

 Warren, James

Palaeontologist and evolutionary biologist James Warren was Head of the School of Biological Sciences from 1968-1994.