Our students

Our graduates go on to a wide range of careers, in research, industry, government and non-governmental organizations, and play a variety of significant roles in society, from research excellence to leadership in the growing business of modern biology. Below is a collection of student profiles that highlight the diverse and interesting achievements of our current and former PhD candidates.

Student Awards

Rebecca Vaught:Grant-in-Aid of Research from Sigma Xi, 2016
Michael Bertram:International Society for Behavioral Ecology (ISBE) Student Travel Grant, 2016
Emily De Stigter:Holwsorth Wildlife Research Endowment, 2016
Viviana Rosati:Plant Nutrition Trust Award, 2016
Michael Roast:

Holwsorth Wildlife Research Endowment & Stuart Leslie Bird Research Award from Birdlife Australia, 2016

Student Publications

A partial list of peer reviewed papers from graduate researchers within the School of Biological Sciences. The graduate student author is listed in bold.

SM Rog & Cook CN (2017) Strengthening governance for intertidal ecosystems requires a consistent definition of boundaries between land and sea. Journal of Environmental Management, 196: 694 – 705.

C Olito, DJ Marshall, & T Connallon (2017) The evolution of reproductive phenology in broadcast spawners: frequency-dependent sexually antagonistic selection and the maintenance of polymorphism. American Naturalist, 189: 153 – 169.

S Rog, RH Clarke & CN. Cook (2016) More than marine: revealing the critical importance of mangrove ecosystems for terrestrial vertebrates. Diversity and Distributions, 23: 221 – 230.

CT Goulet, SJ Ingley, I Scharf, & JN Pruitt (2016) Thermal effects on survival and reproductive performance vary according to personality type. Behavioral Ecology, 27: 1635 – 1641.

AS Clemson, CM Sgrò, & M Telonis-Scott (2016) Thermal plasticity in Drosophila melanogaster populations from eastern Australia: quantitative traits to transcripts. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 29: 2447 – 2463.

SAY Gipson, & MD Hall. 2016. The evolution of sexual dimorphism and its potential impact on host-pathogen coevolution. Evolution 70:959–968

AK Pettersen, CR White, DJ Marshall (2016) Metabolic rate covaries with fitness and the pace of the life history in the field. Proc. R. Soc. B 283 (1831), 20160323

R Mott, A Herrod, JC Hodgson, & RH Clarke (2015). An evaluation of the use of predicted harness spans for correctly fitting leg-loop harnesses in seabird research. Waterbirds, 38(4):420-424

MF Camus, JBW Wolf, EH Morrow & DK Dowling (2015) Single nucleotides in the mtDNA sequence modify mitochondrial molecular function and are associated with sex-specific effects on fertility and aging. Current Biology 25 (20), 2717-2722