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Biological Sciences Seminar Program


Biological Sciences Seminar Program

First Semester, 2017

3:30 pm Thursday in the Sanson Room (G01/2 – 23 Rainforest Walk)

9 March

Dr. Guillaume Latombe, School of Biological Sciences, Monash University

“Complexity, emergence and the process-pattern relationship in ecology”

Host: Prof. Melodie McGeoch

16 March

Dr. Matt Lewsey, Department of Animal, Plant and Soil Sciences, La Trobe University

"Extensive transcriptomic and epigenomic remodeling occurs during Arabidopsis thaliana

​ germination"

Host: A/Prof. Suresh Balasubramanian

17 March

**Special Seminar**  Friday  - 17 March

Prof. Mark Tester, Center for Desert Agriculture, King Abdullah University of Science & Technology

“Genetic characterization of salinity tolerance traits to increase salinity tolerance of crops”

Host: Prof. Ros Gleadow

23 March

Dr. Josh Ramsay , School of Biomedical Sciences, Curtin University

“Assembly and transfer of tripartite integrative and conjugative genetic elements”

Host: Dr. Chris Greening

30 March

Dr. Katrina McGuigan , School of Biological Sciences, University of Queensland

“What is genetic variation made of and why does it matter for understanding evolution?”

Host: Dr. Matt Hall

6 April

Dr. Dorothy Steane , School of Biological Sciences, University of Tasmania

“Using genomic information to increase resilienc e of forest tree planting”

Host: Dr. Kay Hodgins

27 April

Dr. Mylene Mariette , School of Life & Environmental Sciences, Deakin University

“The role of prenatal acoustic communication in avian developmental programming”

Host: A/Prof. Anne Peters

4 May

Dr. Rebecca McIntosh , Phillip Island Nature Parks

“Using drones to monitor fur seal populations”

Host: A/Prof. Richard Reina

11 May

Prof. Robert Henry , Queensland Alliance for Agriculture & Food Innovation, University of Queensland

“Capturing plant diversity for crop improvement”

Host: Prof. Ros Gleadow

18 May

Dr. Karen Weynberg, Australian Institute of Marine Science

“Planet Ocean Goes Viral: Unveiling the role of v iruses in the marine environment”

Host: Dr. Jeremy Barr

26 May

Prof. Madeleine van Oppen, School of BioSciences, University of Melbourne

“Building coral reef r esilience through assisted evolution”

Host: Dr. Jeremy Barr


Seminar convenors:

Dr Kay Hodgins ( & Dr Chris Greening (

in School of Biological Sciences