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Schools in Science

BIO1011: Biology IBIO3091: Biology of Australian Vegetation
BIO1022: Biology IIBIO3111: Ecological Applications
BIO1042: Environmental BiologyBIO3132: Biology of Australian Vertebrates
BIO2011: Ecology & BiodiversityBIO3820: Tropical Terrestrial Biology
BIO2022: Evolutionary Ecology BIO3990: Biology in Action Research Project
BIO2040: Conservation BiologyBMS2042: Human Genetics
BIO2060: Analytical Methods in BiologyENV2022: Environmental Analysis 1: Sampling & Monitoring
BIO2181: Evolution of Plant DiversityGEN2041: Foundations of Genetics
BIO2231: Animal DiversityGEN2052: Genomics and Population Genetics
BIO2242: Animal Structure & FunctionGEN3030: Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Genetics
BIO3011: Research Methods in BiologyGEN3040: Genomics and its Applications
BIO3021: Marine BiologyGEN3051: Medical and Forensic Genetics
BIO3052: Animal BehaviourGEN3062: Evolutionary and Ecological Genetics
BIO3070: Trends in EcologyGEN3990: Genetics in Action Research Project
BIO3082: Global Change BiologySCI1200: Humans, evolution and modern society

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