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Vice-Chancellor's Ancora Imparo Leadership Program

Vice-Chancellor's Ancora Imparo Leadership Program



Ancora Imparo

A message from the Vice-Chancellor

President and Vice-Chancellor Margaret GardnerA Monash University education will challenge you and enable you to build a successful career, as well as to equip yourself with the knowledge, abilities and insights  required to change the world for the better. Leadership skills are an essential component of that mix.

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The Ancora Imparo program gives you the chance to learn about leadership through interaction with community leaders, distinguished alumni, Monash staff, and your fellow students.

The program represents a rare opportunity. You will learn things that you will draw upon again and again throughout your career and your life.

I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Professor Margaret Gardner AO
President and Vice-Chancellor

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About the program

Leadership training helps unlock your potential and enhance your ability to make an impact on your peers and on the world.

The Vice-Chancellor's Ancora Imparo Program is a unique opportunity, available only to second-year Monash University students. Participants will hear from inspiring leaders with backgrounds ranging from business, politics, sport, public service, education, health, law, and the arts.

The Ancora Imparo Program offers a range of opportunities and activities that:

  • draw on and foster your sense of idealism
  • increase your self-understanding
  • affirm and strengthen your confidence in your existing abilities
  • foster an ethic of service
  • enhance your ability to effect positive social change
  • provide you with an opportunity to work with other passionate and committed peers
  • facilitate your learning from past and present leaders.


Financial award

In recognition of your success in being awarded a position in the program, you will receive a stipend of $500.

Program residential

You will participate in a fully funded, three-day, off-campus workshop involving students, senior University staff and key speakers drawn from across Australia.

Some of the key themes examined during the event include:

  • What is leadership?
  • Theoretical, philosophical and conceptual foundations of leadership
  • Values, ethics and sensitivity
  • Problem solving
  • Local and global leadership issues
  • Collaboration and conflict
  • Citizenship and service

You will also get to know your fellow participants, who come from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds.

Seminar series

You will attend eight evening forums throughout the year, held monthly on Tuesday nights at the Clayton campus. Outstanding speakers will tackle a range of contemporary leadership issues and, in small groups, you will have the chance to make a presentation exploring modern ethical dilemmas. Each series provides the opportunity to debate, discuss, challenge and consider a range of stimulating topics.

Service learning

You will have the opportunity to opt into a service learning project. Working in a multidisciplinary team of five students, you'll partner with and solve a real-world problem for a community organisation, while being mentored by a member of the Monash alumni.

Completion ceremony

Surrounded by family and your Ancora Imparo friends, a senior University staff member will present you with your completion certificate.


Following completion of the Ancora Imparo Program, you will:

  • have significantly broadened your personal horizons
  • possess an enhanced understanding of leadership principles within an ethical framework
  • be equipped and willing to exercise leadership.
  • have experience in presenting abstract and relevant ideas to a large audience.

As a member of this unique program, you will also have the opportunity to engage in a number of exclusive events including volunteering as a student leader or mentor, attending leadership summits and lunches and addressing staff forums.

Eligibility & applications

Eligibility criteria

Participants must be second-year undergraduates at a Monash University Victorian campus. There are 40 positions available in the program.

Because the application process takes place the year before the program, at the time of application, you must be one of the following:

  • a current, first-year undergraduate student at Monash University
  • in your final year of a post-secondary course with a direct pathway into the second year of a Monash University course (e.g. a Monash College Diploma or a Diploma of Tertiary Studies)
  • a mid-year intake undergraduate student beginning the second-year of your course
  • a mature-age student who completed your first degree over ten years ago and is, at the time of application, a first-year undergraduate student at Monash University
  • an Indigenous student who is a current second year undergraduate at Monash University and who has not applied in the previous year.

You must also be able to commit to eight evening seminars held monthly on Tuesday, and a three-day residential program in February 2018.

Indigenous students

Please contact the Yulendj Indigenous Engagement Unit for further advice on preparing your application.

Part-time students

Undergraduate students who are studying part-time, must have completed two years (part-time) at Monash to be eligible for the program.

There is no income tax exemption for the $500 stipend.

How to apply

Applications for the 2018 program open on Monday 1 May and close on Monday 14 August.

What you need to provide

You will be required to submit an application online. The form will ask about:

  • your personal and study information (e.g. what school you went to, if you work, the faculty you're enrolled with)
  • your background, interests and achievements
  • your thoughts and views about leadership (in 500 words or less)
  • contact details for two personal referees

Apply now

Outcomes and notification

  • We will contact your referees for a confidential reference. Please advise them in advance that they may be contacted.
  • We forward your application and references to your managing faculty or, for Indigenous students, to the Yulendj Indigenous Engagement Unit who shortlist applicants.
  • In mid-October, the short-listed applicants will be interviewed.
  • All applicants are advised of the outcome by the beginning of November.
  • Successful applicants attend the program residential from 21-23 February 2018.

Dates & contacts

Important dates

Monday 1 May: Applications open at 9am
Monday 14 August: Applications close at 5pm
September: Shortlisted applicants contacted for interviews
October: All applicants are advised of outcome by end of October
21-23 February 2018: Program residential

Seminar dates will be confirmed upon acceptance to the program. Seminars will be held monthly at the Clayton campus from March to October.

Contact for enquiries

Phone: 9905 4169

This program is proudly delivered by Career Connect.


Student testimonials

"Ancora Imparo has increased my employability as it has activated me to take advantage of opportunities where I am able to improve and explore my leadership style. I am looking forward to a career in Medicine, where Ancora showed me how leadership can be used positively as a health professional to enact  positive and long-lasting impacts in our local and broader community."
Praba Sekhar, 2016 (MBBS)

"This program reinforced the importance of service leadership and gave me the opportunity to network with like-minded peers and intellectually stimulating speakers. [It] has certainly broadened my view on service leadership. I apply the many lessons and skills I have acquired through this program into  the leadership roles I have today, particularly in the clubs and societies I'm a part of. I would definitely recommend this program to any students who wish to learn more about leadership."
Mangala Prasetia, 2016 (Business and Economics)

"Through the Ancora Imparo Program I have made meaningful connections with like- minded others, been exposed to fantastic speakers, alongside being provided with amazing opportunities (such as being nominated for the National Student Leadership Forum). Being selected into this program has been incredibly meaningful  in my journey and has played a part in my continual shaping as a person."
Daniel Xue, 2015 (Engineering)

"Ancora Imparo opened my mind to a more liberal way of thinking and helped me develop an independent point of view on a number of key issues - points of view that were contrary to the beliefs held by key influences on my childhood."
Will Manning, 2013 (Information Technology)

"From the Ancora Imparo program I met a fantastic network on Monash staff and students working on incredible projects in their fields of expertise, as well as great friendships"
Ishara Fernando, 2012 (Arts/Commerce)

"From Ancora Imparo I received reinvigorated sense of optimism and motivation for servant leadership. Experience in high-level professional discussions and settings. Some of my closest friends and a network of talented, passionate and ambitious peers."
Benjamin McNally, 2012 (Arts/Business - Marketing)

"Ancora Imparo highlighted for me that leadership is about disrupting the comfortable. It gave me the confidence to unapologetically reject the injustices that face our world. And ultimately, it helped me realise that courage in the face of tackling these challenges may not be easy, but it is always  what's  required."
Minto Felix, 2012 (Psychology)

"The highlight of the [Ancora Imparo] program was having the opportunity to get to know the other participants and being constantly inspired by all the speakers and the other participants. What the program taught me is it is always important to never stop learning and to think about how you can make  a  contribution."
Jennifer Tang, 2011 (MBBS)