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Global Discovery Program


These scholars attended the Global Discovery Program international internship in London 2017 with exclusive access to influential global Monash alumni and their networks. This Program is presented by Monash University with thanks to the London Global Leaders' Group.

Edan Goodall

Edan Goodall

With a year remaining in his Bachelor of Arts Degree, Edan has completed his minor in Performance and is currently winding up his major in Criminology. Edan’s passion lies with acting, a career he is already striving to establish.

Edan has been acting since the age of three and has participated in theatre every year since he began primary school. His desire to take a professional approach to what began as an extracurricular interest was driven by his involvement with Monash’s Centre for Theatre and Performance, and Monash  University Student Theatre (MUST).

Edan hopes to learn from the challenges, both personal and financial, faced by alumni leaders in London to assist him in continuing to create and support socially and culturally relevant work back in Melbourne.

Siobhan Hardiman

Siobhan Hardiman

Siobhan is a community based youth worker and counsellor. Over the past decade she has worked in the fields of mental health, youth support and development, substance abuse, and trauma, supporting young people and families in Melbourne.

Studying Master of Social Work (Qualifying), Siobhan describes the course as “the most stimulating and significant education” of her academic career and considers herself privileged to be learning from teachers with integrity, passion and pioneering knowledge.

Siobhan is elated to be a part of the Global Discovery Program. She looks forward to learning from the Monash alumni and her peers, discussing gender equity across industries and continuing her pathway to being a better leader in the community.

Adam Hodgson

Adam Hodgson

Adam is a third year Industrial Design student who is focusing his studies on developing and utilising sustainable energy. He believes that through the combination of design and the latest technology surrounding sustainable energy, there is an opportunity to incorporate sustainability into our everyday  lives without having to sacrifice the quality of life that we currently enjoy.

With his interest in sustainable energy, Adam is particularly looking forward to traveling to London to share his ideas with like-minded people who might have a unique perspective to his own.

This trip to London will develop valuable international relationships and is an important first step to realising Adam’s dream.

Evelyn Konstantopoulos

Evelyn Konstantopoulos

Evelyn is a medical student energised by interactions with people from different fields and backgrounds. Her aspiration is to be a leader in Geriatric Medicine. She loves the idea of patient-doctor relationships in which both people are equal and listen and learn from each other.

Conversations inspire Evelyn and she is eager to gain as much experience as she can from mentors around her and in the Global Discovery Program. She believes this experience will support her professional and personal life goals.

Evelyn is also fascinated by the potential of social enterprise. Her vision is to combine social enterprise and medicine, with the aim of developing innovative programs for people suffering from chronic illnesses. She hopes to learn from the experiences of mentors such as Siobhan Martin, Chair of the  Global Leaders’ Network in the UK, and discover ways to lead and participate in teams at the forefront of clinical medicine. She also hopes to establish a network of peers and mentors who she can explore ideas with in London and beyond.

Joshua Khaw

Joshua Khaw

Joshua is in his third year of Commerce/Law and is a proud committee member of Monash SEED (Socio-Economic Engagement and Development). Joshua enjoys the minutiae of trivia and quizzing, the exhilaration of cycling and the awe of travel. He believes that the more we learn, the more we can observe what’s  around us in new and exciting ways, allowing all of us to make a unique mark on the world.

He chose to study Commerce and Law in order to understand the far-reaching impacts that government and commercial decisions have on society, business, and most importantly, individual livelihoods. Joshua would love to pursue this through a career in a professional services firm or in the public service  such as the Australian Treasury.

All disciplines are intricately connected and in the Global Discovery Program Joshua hopes to better appreciate how they fit together through engaging with successful alumni from multiple fields. He looks forward to exploring how the Global Leaders’ Group UK have forged careers transcending their  degree areas, and to being inspired by where he can take his own.

“Interacting with distinguished Monash alumni in a truly global city and sharing this experience with fellow students is an adventure I am privileged to embark on and am ready to embrace.”

Dayat Yunus

Dayat Yunus

Hidayatullah (Dayat) Yunus is an international student from Indonesia studying his Master of Teaching English to Speaker of Other Languages (TESOL). For the past six years, Dayat has been teaching people from different backgrounds and age groups. He has also worked in the fields of interpreting, translating,  public speaking, and English teaching as a lecturer assistant in Indonesian universities, private institutions and local communities.

Dayat has discussed education issues with the President of Indonesia as the representative from Hasanuddin University and has also participated on an international student exchange to Japan to talk about the role of youth in the ASEAN Economic Community, where he focused on the improvement of English  language skills in ASEAN Countries.

After finishing his Bachelor of Arts, majoring English Linguistics and Literature at Hasanuddin University in Indonesia, Dayat received a full scholarship from the Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education to study at TESOL at Monash.

Dayat is passionate about developing the future teaching system in Indonesia and aims to improve the quality of teachers and lecturers in Indonesia by teaching English and building international networks. He is elated to be a part of the Global Discovery program. He looks forward to learning more from  the Monash alumni and his peers, discussing teaching and education issues and new experiences during the program.

Catherine Brown

Catherine Brown

Catherine is about to undertake an Honours of Psychology fulfilling her ambition to improve the wellbeing of others through empathy and human connection. Her former experience as a college Wellbeing Resident Advisor and current position as a workshop facilitator at The Kindness Effect has given her  an understanding that people need to change the way they treat themselves and connect with each other. She believes that this change is crucial to help address the issue of rising rates of mental illness, particularly among adolescents.

Catherine has discovered much about herself and the world around her through sharing ideas, engaging in meaningful conversation and listening to others speak of their journey through life. She is excited to discover the path thus travelled by Monash alumni leaders and how they address the challenges  associated with facilitating a positive change in the world through the Global Discovery Program. She considers that it is easy to make judgements based on one's successes and to forget the value in learning about the hardships one must often overcome to get there.

Catherine is also looking forward to gaining an insight into the inner workings of innovative technologies and industries that are helping to address global issues. She hopes this newfound knowledge will help her to achieve her goal towards implementing educational-based strategies that build resilience,  self-care and compassion among children and adolescents.

Catherine feels incredibly grateful to be able to embark on this experience with six other diverse Monash students, to be given the opportunity to learn from them just as much as she will learn with them.

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