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The ability to voice opinions and concerns in a non-intimidating learning environment [meant that] I was able to build valuable friendships and networks.
It was a really relaxed atmosphere and was much easier to ask questions and understand the topics completely. It also made keeping up with work during the semester much easier.
Strong focus on practical application of concepts, instead of just discussing the theory.
Friendly, relaxed environment and small class sizes: more efficient than studying at home.
The friendliness and informal setting of the sessions motivated learning.

What is PASS?

PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) is an academic mentoring program, generally aimed at first year students transitioning from high school to university. It's a program of guided study groups to provide support with difficult units.

PASS is not a remedial program but targets difficult units rather than struggling students. The weekly, guided study groups provide guaranteed study time for these units, in addition to regular class times.

The study sessions are lead by PASS leaders who are students with a strong academic record and have successfully completed the units. Sessions usually run from week 3 to 12. Attendance is voluntary but highly recommended to all students studying the targeted units.

Objectives and results

The program aims to help you with:

  • What to learn (unit content)
  • How to learn (developing study skills)
  • Becoming part of a community of learners

Data collected from participants in the program shows that students who regularly attend PASS are more likely to achieve distinctions and high distinctions than students who don't, and are far less likely to fail. Those who attended all sessions in the program achieved higher marks than students who  only  attended a few.

How to sign up for PASS

When to sign up

Look for announcements made during lectures or in Moodle, about session dates and when to sign up for PASS.

You can generally start signing up for PASS during week two, but the date can vary from unit to unit.

Sign up for PASS

To sign up for a PASS session, select the faculty offering the unit from the list below. This will take you to information on how to sign up.

Waiting list - if sessions are full

The wait list for semester two is now closed.  

Please direct any requests to