How to apply

Whether you've chosen to travel to an international Monash campus for a semester or a full year (only available to Monash Australian students), you'll follow the same application process. Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to prepare your application – it can take four to six months to research and submit, but can be done in less time.

If you'd like to travel to Monash Malaysia for the short-term Summer School program you will apply through your faculty. Find out more about Summer School in Malaysia.

Entry requirements

Before starting your application you should check the entry requirements. If you're an Engineering, Law or Art, Design and Architecture student there are special conditions you must meet before you're eligible to apply.

International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

Depending on your country of origin, if you're applying for an intercampus exchange to an Australian campus of Monash, you may need to sit an IELTS system – even though you've been studying at Monash University in an English teaching environment.

You should check with Australian Immigration and book in for an IELTS test as early as possible, as they do not run on a regular basis.

Ready to apply?

Once you're ready, download and complete Monash Abroad application form for Intercampus Exchange (PDF, 1.17 MB). The form includes step-by-step instructions to completing your application, and details everything you need to include with your application, such as your study plan.

Creating your study plan

Your study plan is the list of subjects you plan to study while on intercampus exchange, and forms part of your application. While the study plan sits within your application form, you actually need to have it approved and signed off by your faculty before you can submit the form and supporting documentation to Monash Abroad.

It can take up to eight weeks for your study plan to be approved, so you should factor this in when completing you application.

When creating your study plan you should consider the following:

  • Which Monash campus you plan to go to – they each offer different units, at different levels.
  • Make sure the units are offered at the campus you want to go to and are available in the semester you plan to go.
  • It's often easier to get faculty approval if you study elective units at another campus.
  • You must do a full time load (18-24 credit points) of on-campus units only.
  • Be aware of any unit restrictions or limitations and make sure you meet these before selecting the unit.
  • Choose twice as many units than you'll actually need to study – sometimes classes are cancelled if enrolment quotas aren't met, so being prepared for this is a must.

Submitting your application

Once your study plan is approved by your faculty and you've completed the rest of your application, submit it to Monash Abroad by the relevant due date.

Application deadlines

Application type


Study Plan due to your Faculty exchange advisor

Completed application due to Monash Abroad office

  • All intercampus exchange applicants


15 September

15 October


28 February

31 March

What next?

We'll send you an acknowledgement email so that you know we've received and are processing your intercampus exchange application. It usually takes one to two weeks for this to happen

If you are successful in your application we'll send you an offer of admission – usually about six weeks after you lodge your application. Congratulations, you're on your way!