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Monash Abroad Travel Scholarship


About our scholarship

Monash Abroad want to make it easy for you to take part in conversations, innovations and discoveries happening all over the world while you're studying. Because when you study at Monash, you're part of a global university that's creating global citizens – the leaders, thinkers and doers of tomorrow's exciting and complex world.

That's why we've created the Monash Abroad Travel Scholarship – the most comprehensive scholarship we've ever had the privilege to offer. It's designed to support you in experiencing any kind of international exchange (from internships and volunteering, to presenting at conferences or taking up clinical placements) that will add value to your degree, and to your career.

A healthy difference

The difference between our scholarship and others offered by Monash, or other funding bodies, is that along with giving you financial assistance, we also make sure you're well looked after.

The Monash Abroad Travel Scholarship includes comprehensive travel insurance coverage – meaning you don't need to pay for this yourself. Our scholarship provides you with unlimited medical coverage, and covers your personal items like baggage, prior to, during and after your exchange. It even includes 24-hour medical and emergency assistance.

Extra funding

While our scholarship does cover you for some of your exchange expenses, it may not cover the whole cost. It's a good idea to research all forms of funding that may be available to you – like other scholarships and loans. It's possible to hold more than one scholarship or grant at a time, so why not apply for anything and everything.


To be eligible for the Monash Abroad Travel Scholarship you must:

  • be enrolled at a Monash campus (in Australia)
  • be approved by your faculty or Monash Abroad to go on an overseas program.

If you're enrolled at Monash Malaysia you're entitled to different scholarships. For details you should speak to your local Monash Abroad office about what's available.

How much will I get?

Scholarship amounts will vary from time-to-time based on the number of students travelling, Monash's broader strategic initiatives, faculty overseas program activity and the availability of funding.

If you exchange to the same host university for two consecutive semesters you will receive one travel scholarship for your entire time abroad.

How to read the table

Each type of abroad experience is tied to a scholarship band level that identifies the value of your scholarship.

For example, if you are accepted for exchange to the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil you'll receive $2500, because they are a Band A exchange partner.

Please note that scholarship bands are subject to annual review by Monash Abroad.

Funding band

Program type

Scholarship value (AUD)

Band A

  • Exchange from Monash South Africa or Monash University Australia to Band A partners
  • Exchange from Monash University Australia to Monash South Africa
  • Exchange from Monash South Africa to Monash University Australia and Monash University Malaysia


Band B

  • Exchange from Monash South Africa or Monash University Australia to Band B partners
  • Inter-campus exchange: Australia to Malaysia
  • 18-24 credit points programs at Monash Prato or Monash Malaysia campus


$1000 + Malaysian Student Pass


Band C

  • Exchange from Monash South Africa or Monash University Australia to Band C partners
  • Credit bearing programs over four weeks
  • Other semester length programs


Band D

  • Exchange from Monash South Africa or Monash University Australia to Band D partners
  • Credit bearing programs up to four weeks


Band E

  • All non-credit bearing programs registered and administered through Monash Abroad


Band F

  • Other exchange projects identified in line with Monash's strategic vision and approved by the Pro Vice-Chancellor International for funding by Monash Abroad
  • You can find out about these other opportunities through Monash Abroad or your faculty

TBC – funding will be determined on a case-by-case basis

How to apply

When you apply for an exchange, faculty overseas program, internship or any other overseas opportunity through Monash Abroad, you're automatically considered for the Monash Abroad Travel Scholarship.