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Organise a Monash-approved caregiver service to act as your carer in Australia. (You must meet all the costs of this service). All staff of caregiver services and adults providing Homestay accommodation to international students under the age of 18 are required to provide Monash annually with a current Police check and a Working With Children check.

Step 1 Contact and make appropriate arrangements with a Monash University approved caregiver service.
Step 2

For a Monash College course only or Monash College/Monash University package (new students) the form is found on the Monash College website.


Complete the Monash University course only (new students) form (PDF, 0.44 MB).
Step 3 Download (or complete form sent to you in under 18 package) the 'Parental/guardian authorisation for under age access' form (PDF, 0.03 MB), have your parents or guardian sign the form and provide the form to Monash University International Recruitment Services with your acceptance and accommodation and welfare documents.
Step 4

Sign and date the International Student Course Agreement (ISCA) and arrange payment of tuition fees.

More on how to accept your offer
Step 5 Send the completed and appropriately signed forms to Monash University International Recruitment Services office.
Step 6 Receive the signed Education Provider 'Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation/Welfare' (CAAW) form and your 'electronic Confirmation of Enrolment' (eCOE) from Monash University International Recruitment Services.

The International Recruitment Services office will issue the eCOE and CAAW after it has received the required deposit and acceptance documents and made a decision to approve the arrangements.
Step 7 Apply for your student visa, submitting required documentation (including eCOE and CAAW) to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.