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Nominate a non-relative (close family friend), or cousin to act as your approved caregiver (the person must be over the age of 21). Please note: the person you nominate to be your caregiver will be visited at their home by Monash staff to inform them of their care-giving duties and responsibilities prior to the issuing of the Confirmation of Acceptable Accommodation / Welfare Form (CAAW) and your electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE).

There is a cost of $250 for this service and you will be billed separately through an invoice from Homestay Accommodation Services. From January 1, 2013 the cost will be $300.

Step 1

For a Monash College course only or Monash College/Monash University package (new students) the form is found on the Monash College website

or the

Monash University course only (new students) form (PDF, 0.44 MB).
Step 2Download (or complete form sent to you in under 18 package) the 'Parental/guardian authorisation for under age access' form (PDF, 0.03 MB)'. Have your parents or guardian sign the form and provide the form to Monash University International Recruitment Services with your acceptance and accommodation and welfare documents.
Step 3Arrange for the caregiver in Australia to complete the Statutory Declaration Form (PDF, 0.14 MB).
Step 4All members of the household aged 18 and over to complete a Working with Children Check (WWCC) which can be found at the Department of Justice website. Alternatively your Care-giver (Non relative) can obtain an application form at their nearest Australia Post outlet.
Step 5Sign and date International Student Course Agreement (ISCA) and arrange payment of tuition fees.
Step 6Send the completed and appropriately signed forms to Monash University International Recruitment Services office.
Step 7

Receive the signed 'Education Provider Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation/Welfare' (CAAW) form and your electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE) from Monash University International Recruitment Services.

The eCOE and CAAW will be issued after the required deposit and ISCA documents have been received and Monash has made a decision to approve the arrangements.
Step 8 Apply for your student visa submitting required documentation (including eCOE and CAAW) to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.
Step 9Provide payment for your Family Friend Checking and Approval service.


Please note that evidence of Working with Children Check (WWCC) for every member of the household aged 18 and over is required before an eCOE or CAAW can be issued to a student under age 18.

Please go to the Department of Justice website to request a WWC form.

Alternatively your caregiver (non-relative) can visit their nearest Australia Post outlet.