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Enrolment and orientation


If you're about to start a new course at Monash as an international student, you must enrol in person. Enrolment is compulsory for both new students and existing students beginning a new course.

Before enrolment day

Authority to enrol

Once you have accepted your offer and paid your first year's tuition fees, Monash University will email you an official 'authority to enrol'. You will receive this email about two to three weeks before your enrolment day on campus.

Enrolment tasks online

The 'authority to enrol' lists enrolment tasks that you need to complete before attending enrolment day.

For more detail, see how to enrol – international students in Australia (steps one to three).

Order your OSHC card

You should order your OSHC card as soon as you arrive in Australia, you will need to:

  • nominate an Australian postal address for delivery
  • present this membership card every time you visit a medical service provider.

Enrolment day

Each course has its own enrolment date, time and location. You must refer to the enrolment ‎flyer for the date specific to your course.

For new international students enrolling into a Monash University course, refer to the Monash University Enrolment Flyer for Semester 1, 2015 (PDF, 0.09 MB) for the date specific to your course.‎‎

International students who are progressing from Monash College (Diploma Part 2) to Monash University will have a different enrolment ‎date. You must refer to the enrolment flyer for the date specific to your course: ‎

Note: Diploma Part 1, MUFY and MEB students progressing to Monash University must refer to the Monash University Enrolment Flyer for ‎Semester 1, 2015 (PDF, 0.09 MB).

2015 Enrolment period Orientation Classes begin
Semester one 16-20 February 23-27 February 2 March
Semester two 13-17 July 20-24 July 27 July
2016 Enrolment period Orientation Classes begin
Semester one 15-19 February 22-26 February 29 February
Semester two 11-15 July 18-22 February 25 July

Early enrolment

Monash University does not accept early or online enrolments for international students. You must attend in person and cannot send someone else to enrol on your behalf.

Late enrolment

If you are an international new student and cannot enrol on the date listed on the enrolment flyer, you must apply for permission to enrol late. Without written permission, you cannot start your course.

Applications for late enrolment open on November 1 2014 and close on January 31 2015. We may still consider requests sent after this date.

Late enrolment is subject to approval and is not guaranteed. To apply, you must email with all of the following information:

Monash ID Number:
First name:
Last name:
Date of birth:
Name of course to be enrolled in:
Exact date of arrival for enrolment:
Reason for late arrival:

We cannot process requests for late enrolment if you do not provide an exact date of arrival. If you are unsure of the exact date, please provide an estimated date of arrival.

Please attach documentation or evidence in support of your late enrolment request.