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Get more out of your time at university through Monash Passport units and not-for-credit programs. You can choose from specialised course units, internships, leadership programs, travel options, research experience and volunteering opportunities.

Why not explore a new culture, get a head start on becoming a researcher and improve your career prospects?

When you graduate, many Monash Passport programs will also appear on your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement.



  • Internship units
    Put theory into practice in a hands-on professional setting, and graduate with work experience.
  • Industry linkage units
    Develop workplace skills in units taught by industry professionals or in a virtual environment.


  • Depth units
    Road test life as a researcher, and learn about the university's research themes from academic experts.
  • Research challenge units
    Study research methods and take part in significant research projects.


International experience

Study opportunities

Career Development Learning