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We want our students to volunteer. That's why we've made it easy for you.

You will learn to turn theory into action - to apply what you've learnt in your studies to the wider world. The benefits are many. You will:

  • help others
  • strengthen communities and meaningfully contribute to an improved future
  • act as an ambassador for Monash University
  • learn to lead, work in a team, plan, strategise, document, and communicate
  • identify issues and solve problems
  • experience new challenges and different cultures
  • build confidence and resilience
  • develop professional networks
  • experience a variety of roles, including potential careers
  • receive extra training
  • make friends.

How to volunteer through Monash

What it's called What you'll do
Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) Mentor Indigenous secondary school students to reach their potential, finish school and aspire to university and beyond.
Monash-Oxfam South Africa Internship Program Work for community-based organisations in South Africa.
Monash Engineers Without Borders Work with developing communities and help them find solutions to their engineering problems.
Monash Green Steps Program Learn how to make work environments more sustainable.
Monash Oakleigh Legal Service Provide free legal advice to the local community.
Springvale Monash Legal Service Develop your legal confidence, skills and ethics in a community environment.
TeamMonashTM volunteering opportunities Represent the University or volunteer at local and international community sporting events.

Other volunteering opportunities

Volunteering at Monash lists hundreds of volunteer positions and gives you tips and guides for applying. For more help and handy resources, see Employment and career development.

You can also volunteer in a peer-assisted learning program. In these programs, students work collaboratively in small groups, guided by another student who has recently done well in the same course. The guide plays an invaluable role. You'll help the group consolidate what they know, reinforce key concepts and identify gaps in their understanding. Along the way, you'll find your own knowledge strengthened and extended. Talk to your faculty about peer-assisted learning.

You can also embed volunteering as part of your degree through work placements and programs.

Advertise a volunteer position

If you are an organisation looking for the best and brightest, advertise your volunteering opportunity with Monash.