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Researchers bring real and positive change to people all over the world. Become a part of that global change.

Monash offers a large range of research degrees, giving you the opportunity to research whatever you are most passionate about. These include degrees that allow you to mix coursework and professional practice and conduct research across disciplines.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

A PhD involves extensive, independent research under an expert academic supervisor. You will use your research to write a thesis that makes a positive impact to knowledge in your chosen field.

Professional doctorates

These courses combine research, coursework and, in some cases, professional work or industry experience. While this is still a research course, professional doctorates are more focused on the improvement of professional practice.

Professional doctorates are available in the areas of law, medicine, psychology and public health.

Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

The MPhil compliments existing faculty master-by-research degrees. It gives you the chance to do research across various disciplines.

Research master's degree

Most faculties offer research master's degrees. These courses have the same principles of a PhD, but your thesis is shorter. Some research master's degrees include up to 33% coursework units.

You can complete this course as a stand-alone program or use it as a pathway to a PhD.

How to apply

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