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Monash is a big university.

In fact, it's the biggest university in Australia, but that's not exactly what we mean. Monash has reach. We are a global university, with a campus in Malaysia, a joint graduate school in China, a learning centre in Italy, and a research centre in India. We also have more than 115 partner universities in 25 countries. Monash University courses are delivered at other locations, including at Monash South Africa.

For students, our size matters. It generates benefits. We have more people, which gives you more opportunities to meet like-minded scholars to collaborate and create with. We have more courses, which gives you a range of options with both breadth, so you can pursue your passions, and depth, so you can begin rigorous research right from your first year.

Because we have an international presence, Monash draws on perspectives and resources that most other universities cannot. That's why we don't use .au on our website. It's just not a boundary we recognise.

A global experience

Our global network gives Monash students more opportunities to experience different cultures and ways of seeing the world. Our programs and travel grants make it easy for you to spend a semester or more at one of our international campuses or academic partners. In fact, we've developed innovative degrees, like the Bachelor of Arts (Global), which make it compulsory to study abroad.

Through the Monash Passport an education approach that offers a broad menu of opportunities to students you can also volunteer or intern with different charities worldwide.

A global reputation

At Monash, we design courses that have, and give, a global perspective, and we actively recruit talented staff from around the world. We judge ourselves by international standards, not domestic ones. Monash ranks among the top one per cent of world universities.

With a Monash degree, you will both benefit from and contribute to our reputation.

Global research

Monash is a research-rich university with collaborative connections on four continents. If you choose, you can use the Monash Passport to begin postgraduate-level research as an undergraduate. As you progress in your degree and explore your study area further, you can harness the knowledge and resources of our global research partners.

Become part of the global workforce

Today's students will compete with the rest of the world for jobs. Which puts Monash graduates, with a degree that has delivered a global perspective from day one, ahead of the pack. With a Monash degree, you are an international citizen.