Art, Design and Architecture


What can we learn from natural structures that can help us to create new ones?

Spiral patterns underpin so many things in the natural world: from gumnuts, to sunflowers, to the humble bulb of garlic.

Dr Trinh Vu uses modern 3D printing technology to not only recreate these natural forms, but use them as a starting point for her process of creative exploration. Trinh is a multidisciplinary artist who uses modern technology to explore new ways of seeing our world, and most importantly, how we make things.

This new technology has applications across any field with a physical element.

  • Industrial designers use it as a tool for prototyping.
  • Architects use it as a tool to create models of their concepts.
  • Engineers use it to create parts, such as the prototype jet engine.

Trinh saw it, quite unconventionally, as a tool for art. In particular, she wanted better resolution in her prints which led to her pushing the boundaries and developing new printing techniques. She now teaches these techniques to engineers and industrial designers to help their use of the printer too.

It is this kind of cross-disciplinary fusion that exemplifies what Monash is all about. You will be encouraged to question what came before and then challenged to build on it. You will learn from experienced, practising professionals and become part of a real-world creative community.

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