Do you buy free-range eggs? Have you ever asked yourself what free range actually means?

Well, the truth about free-range eggs is hard to crack.

The problem is that the term free range in Australia can mean anything from 1500 to 40,000 hens per hectare, so the eggs you ate this morning may not be as free range as you think.

Professor Christine Parker from The Centre for Commercial Law and Regulatory Studies at Monash University keeps a close watch on the politics, ethics and regulation of food. She is a leading voice in the push for uniform national legislation that will let you make a truly educated choice.

This discussion takes elements of consumer law, regulation, animal rights and the legislative balance between the state and federal governments and places them right in the middle of your breakfast table.

At Monash you will be encouraged to think of all of the implications of the law, from the drafting of legislation to its practical implications. The study of law is an ever-evolving opportunity to make a difference, whether that is in a courtroom, boardroom or on your supermarket shelves.

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