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Change allocations in Allocate+


Allocate+ must be in Allocation Adjustment mode to make changes to your timetable. Check your allocations early, as during the adjustment period, Allocate+ works on a first-come, first-serve basis. See Allocate+ access dates.

Allocation adjustment video

Watch the how to adjust your allocation video.

When will my changes be confirmed?

Allocate+ confirms your changes immediately.

Moodle updates may take up to three days if you make a change after the start of the teaching period. You won't be able to access online tutorials until it does.

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Login to Allocate+Use your Monash account username and password
Click the My Timetable link near the top rightThe screen displays the allocations you can change.My timetable

Check allocations
Your timetable displays in a grid format  You can change to list view by clicking Show as listView timetable

View your timetable
To change an allocation, click the relevant activity link on the left of the screen
Change activity

Change activity
Click Pick Me to select an available activityA list of activities and their times displays. Some activities may be full.

Allocate+ will not allow a choice that will create a timetable clash.

See Allocate+ system messages
Select an activity

Select an activity
Change Accepted displaysOnce you change to a new activity, your old allocation is immediately made available to another studentChange accepted

Confirmation of changes
To view your timetable again, click My TimetableYou can view your timetable week-by-week.

Useful if your timetable varies
View timetable

View timetable
Repeat changing allocations until your timetable has no clashes.
If you still have a clash, you have several options. See fix timetable clashes
Click Logout in the top right corner

Check your emailIf we cancel or amend your activities during Allocation Adjustment mode, we will send you an email.

This will advise you to re-allocate