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Enter preferences in Allocate+


Allocate+ must be in preference entry mode. Check Allocate+ access dates.

Choose your preferred times for activities with repeat sessions. Activities include lectures, tutorials and lab work. During preference entry mode, it doesn't matter who enters preferences first. This system will sort all preferences to minimise clashes.

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Login to Allocate+ using your Monash account username and password. Contact the service desk if you have forgotten your password or need help.

Tip: Hold Shift while clicking the link to open Allocate+ in a new window.
Your units are listed on the left side of the screen.

Select an activity link
(eg. lecture, tutorial...)
See unit code abbreviations.

If the list is wrong, check your enrolment in WES.

If an activity is run only once, the system will allocate you automatically.
Select a unit activity

Select a unit activity
Number your activity times in the boxes. Time slots with flags must be included in your preferences.

When finished click Submit Preferences.
Use 1 for your first preference, 2 for your second, etc.

Fill all time slots if there are less than six. If there are more, you only need to fill in six.

The % indicates the popularity of the activity. More than 100% means that more students have chosen this as their first preference than there are places available.
Number your preferences

Number your preferences

Popularity percentages

Popularity percentages
A message shows preferences are recorded. Your preferences are stored and will be used in the sort.

You are not yet allocated a place yet - it's just a preference.
Preferences recorded

Preferences recorded
Repeat until all activities are done. Select and add preferences for each activity link.  

Click My Preferences near the top right.

Ensure you have selected preferences for all unit activities (where permitted).

Check my preferences

Check overview
To change your preferences, click an activity link again. You can change your preferences anytime before the sort. Change your preferences

Amend your preferences
Click Logout    
Activity times may be changed or cancelled
Before the sort, check Allocate+ each week. We don't notify you of activities that may change or be cancelled during preference entry. Keep checking the system as you may need to select a replacement.

Percentage popularity changes over time. You can assess this and decide if you want to change your preferences.
Popularity changes

Popularity changes
Next step: After the sort, check and adjust your allocations. After you have been allocated to activities, your timetable will appear in the:

1) My Timetable tab in Allocate+ (shows all weeks)
2) portal (shows current week only).

You need to check messages in these systems in case you have any unallocated activities.

Some labs and support classes start in week 2 and will not show during week 1 in the portal.