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Wireless access at Monash

Wireless access at Monash


If you’re attending a conference, or visiting a Monash faculty or division at any of our Australian or international campuses, you can take advantage of our free wireless access.

How to connect to guest-wireless

Step one: Obtain a username and password.
If you are a:

  • conference attendee, Monash University Venues will issue you with a username and password at the start of the conference
  • guest or short-term contractor, then you can obtain a username/password via the Service Desk
  • visiting academic or student with an eduroam account, then you can log in to guest-wireless using your university email. Use your entire email address instead of your regular username. (E.g. use rather than jsmith.) Use your usual password.

Step two: Scan for available wireless networks.
Select the network guest-wireless. You do not need an encryption key.

Step three: Use your web browser to go to an internet site

For example, type in You will see a login screen like this:

Note: You may need to enable pop-ups if they are disabled.

Step four: Enter the username and password.
After reading the terms of use, check the ‘I accept terms of use’ box and then click on the ‘login’ button. You will now have full internet access.