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Language for Employment Facilitators 2018

  • Aisha

    I am an Education postgrad in my final year. I've lived in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, England, and have been in Australia since 2017. I've worked with primary & secondary students, and am now working with university students through English Connect. My favourite pastime includes reading, puzzles, boardgames & TV shows.

  • Ash

    A short list of things that Ash is (in no particular order): A food and coffee enthusiast, a Monash postgrad Education student with a passion for inclusive education, a wanderluster who used to be a broadcast journalist, and a dedicated Game of Thrones / George R.R. Martin fan.

  • Dorothy

    My name is Dorothy and I am a social work postgraduate from Hong Kong. I am enthusiastic about learning and I love to interact with others. My vision is to help advocate and empower other individuals. I like travelling and diving! It is my way of exploring the world.

  • Rachel

    I’m a PhD Candidate with 20+ years studying/working in diverse roles in both the public and private sectors. I’m currently working with the Victorian transportation sector, researching barriers to the equal participation and progression of women in traditionally male-dominated occupations/industries. I like the beach, photography and ice-cream.

  • Ram

    I am Ram, from the land of the dodo birds, student of Master of Data Science with aspirations to be subject matter expect in the field. I enjoy languages, humour, soccer and exploring the many wonders of the world and looking after my much-loved little “nephew” Bustermove, coolest British bulldog.

  • Summer

    I’m in the 2nd year of my Master of Teaching degree. I’ve always enjoyed cycling, exercising, and listening to music in my spare time. I was an IELTS teacher in China, a Guest Service Manager in America and now a Workplace facilitator at Monash. I’m addicted to Korean food, and I have ambitions to taste all kinds of cuisine. I can’t wait to work with you in Workplace Talk, meeting new people is always a good idea.

  • Yen

    I’m a PhD student researching sexuality and migration experiences of LGBT youth in Vietnam where I’m from! I had opportunities to work in Poland, Vietnam, the States and now Australia, and they have all been different and amazing! Looking forward to meeting people from different countries during our sessions!