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    • Designed specifically for PhD students

    • Experienced knowledgeable facilitators

    • Mix of one-off skills workshops and longer in-depth programs

    • Certain programs count toward professional development hours
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    Information coming soon.

  • PhD Communication Facilitators

    Our facilitators are all highly trained with diverse experience in professional workplace settings. Find out more about our facilitators here.

  • Let's Chat - Testimonial

  • Testimonial

    "I enjoyed the guidance as well as company of friendly facilitators at English Connect. The sessions served as a stress buster from a busy week of researching and the program taught me about Australian culture as well as helping me to overcome culture shock; which I experienced like most new international students. I had trouble interacting with Australians, but sessions on initiating small talk, how to dine, topics that should be avoided in a conversation, and other useful discussions played a pivotal role in improving my confidence level. Participating in English Connect's programs helped me to feel more comfortable talking about my research to a general audience. I participated in the science communication competition FameLab for which I won the People’s Choice Awards and being a part of English Connect helped me to improve the content and clarity of my winning script." - Muthu Vellayappan, FameLab People's Choice Award 2018