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  • English Connect Moodle

    Need to view our collection of resources or use Peer Support Online? English Connect has a resources unit on Moodle! All you need to do is self-enrol.

  • Academic Language Feedback Tool

    The ability to demonstrate an understanding of discipline content at university is closely linked to English language proficiency and academic literacy. This guide can be used for reviewing and proofreading your assignments.

  • Grammar Resources

    Enhance your English language proficiency by focusing on various areas of grammar: articles and countable and uncountable nouns, verb tenses, verb forms, general sentence structure, complex sentence structure and punctuation, transition words and coherence, and academic vocabulary.

  • Ascent

    The ASCENT program is designed to help you develop your academic English through a series of ten modules – with short bite-sized activities you can do at your own pace. Modules give you a structured program to follow and cover key elements of academic English, using authentic academic examples and tasks from a variety of disciplines, areas and levels of study.